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Chicco Flip 'N Play Table

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My son loves this train table!


Another used purchase I've made. I love this table. It does occupy my son all day. He will play with it for 20 min plus which is amazing for a 10 month old. I just wish Chicco had the option to buy replacement parts. I'm missing some pieces and would love to buy some. He loves seeing the train go around and all the noises that can be made. I love that fact that it's a great construction, doesn't "eat" batteries. There is only one thing that uses a battery and I didn't even bother replacing it. He loves it and can use it for a while with the building block side. Chicco makes great childrens products.

Melbourne, FL


It occupies my son - yay!


My son recieved this for Christmas from Grandma & Grandpa and loves it. He loves music so playing with the piano is one of his favorite parts, he also like moving around the table to play with the other things. One of the things I like about the piano is that is has volume control and the music isn't obnoxious. It also allows my son to play just the piano keys or it'll automatically play some songs. He is really starting to (try) and walk around so this reenforces the standing up and moving around the table if you want to get to something thing, which I like. When my son gets bored with the piano and all the other buttons, we'll turn it over to play with the blocks!

Martinez, CA


Chicco Flip 'N Play Table

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