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Chicago Metallic
Chicago Metallic Non-Stick 9-Inch Split Decision Pie Pan

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Funny looking but great


Although this may look funny it does the trick for me now that my kids are grown and moved along! It' s perfect for my husband and I ~ I can make 2 "pies" that are just enough for us and not have so much left over and not know what to do with it!!

Cockeysville, MD


Must have pie pan!


Eliminates the need for 2 separate bake times. I make mostly two types of quiche in mine. Sturdy and very easy to clean. Pies are easy too. Great for just a little bit of both for variety. Performance Evenly bakes. Ease of Cleaning Comes completely apart to wash. Doesn't Stick The non stick surface works perfect. I haven't had to scrape or see half of my quiche or pie still in pan.

Dunedin, FL


chicago metallic non-stick 9 inch split decision pie pan


The pies do not look pretty because the overflow of the fillings, and the filling leaks out the bottom as well Design I made berry pies in the pan. It is by far easier to make to separate pies then to try making two in a dived pan..The filling seeped out the bottom and over the top. Too much putsying around. Not a keeper. I also tried the brownie pan that separates, and no luck with this either.

Turtle Creek, PA


Chicago Metallic Non-Stick 9-Inch Split Decision Pie Pan

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