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Chicago Cutlery
Chicago Cutlery Insignia 3-Piece Set

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Chicago Cutlery Helps Me Cut-Up in the Kitchen


Weddings are great for gathering new items for your home. Ten years later there really should be another party to replace these things as they begin to wear out and get old. This is the case with the knives we had in our house. As we looked through the cutlery, there seemed to be less and less really good, sharp knives left in the drawer. So on the Christmas list we added new knives hoping Santa would be kind. Under the tree we found the Chicago Cutlery Insignia 3-Piece Set to brighten up the drawer. I will straight up say I know very little about knives and how they are made and how they are "supposed" to work. All I know is when I want it to it needs to slice, cut and dice. Our Chicago Cutlery Knives so far have proven to do that. Performance In the set we received a parer knife (3.5"), a utility knife (5.5") and a chef's knife (7.5"). Each of the knives comes with a cover, though I have no idea where ours disappeared to after the first use. Since I don't do a ton of extravagant cooking, the knife I primarily use the most is the utility knife due to its average size. The Chef's knife primarily gets utilized when we have melon or something large to cut up. It never fails to make short work of melon rinds helping make that cutting process much easier. Because of it's size and sharpness, the chef's knife resides in the upper cupboard to stay away from little hands. Durability Each of these has a thick feel to them, which tells me they are strong enough to last the long haul in our kitchen. Design The Insignia set is made of a black polymer which is closed and very sleek. Since we have other knives that are black with silver accents these fit in very well. The handles are curvy in just the right spots. I find I have complete control over the knife while trying to cut up even the most difficult little kiwis.


Lansing, MI


Chicago Cutlery Insignia 3-Piece Set

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