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Chemex CM-10A 10-Cup Coffee Maker

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Beautiful item


This is a really attractive coffee maker. The only drawback is you have to learn the technique of pourover, and everyone has a different trick. It's best to look at youtube videos of baristas using this item to learn how to use it. That is time consuming but this is very fun to use and results in a great flavor profile! Brew Performance Take the same kind of coffee that you put in your french press and run it through a chemex: it will taste completely different. It has a much fuller flavor profile and you won't get any dregs or chunks of coffee. Plus, you can grind your coffee to a much finer detail and get excellent results from it. Ease of Cleaning You must wash this out immediately after use. You can also buy additional cleaning supplies, but those are only necessary if you let the chemex sit around with lots of coffee in it. Design Really beautiful. I recommend getting the ones with leather ties as pictured here.




Chemex CM-10A 10-Cup Coffee Maker

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