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Chef'n VeggiChop

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I was in the market searching for a food processor because my expensive 16 cup food processor died. Yes I was upset but what can you do. So I happened upon this gadget in the supermarket on clearance and figured I would give it a try. Well I was pleasantly surprised to see that is was easy to use. I will admit that I did send the chopper flying and spilled the contents all over the place but that was my fault. I now know that you only need to pull the cord only half the way. Also do not submerge the lid in water like I did. I didn't receive any product information sheet with my first chopper. Yes I did go out and purchased another unit so I can have as a backup. I will tell you that you will get a full arm workout. I would switch arms when using this for a while. Baby carrots are what I usually chop five to eight times a week. The you can make chocolate almond milk without any mess. I was surprised by that. It's so convenient to use because it requires no electricity and you can store it in the cabinet.



The VeggiChop is easy to use and very effective.


We love home made salsa, tapenade and chopped veggies, nuts and herbs for cooking. Our food processor is over kill for most jobs and big and bulky to use and clean. We found the Chef'n VeggiChop in a small kitchen shop and decided to give this a try...... we thought it's size and steel blades would be just right for smaller jobs in the kitchen.  **We were correct! ** The clear bowl holds 0.9 liters and has a rubberized ring on the bottom to prevent slipping while pulling the large ring to activate the spinning blades. For a course chop pull the ring 5-6 times and 7- 12 for medium while 13-20 pulls gives a very fine chop. There are two steel blades and two plastic "booster" arms keep the food off the bottom and top of the bowl yielding a more uniform chop. The removable bottom "booster" arm is especially good at lifting light  herbs into the spinning blades. Several months ago I tried to find a suitable chooper on line and this particular Chef'n VeggiChop never surfaced in a variety of searches. So where you might find one I can not say, but  now you at least have a product and company name to search. We recommend this small hand chopper and only hope that it proves to be as durable as it is useful.  

Baltimore, MD


Chef'n VeggiChop

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