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Chefmate Toaster Oven

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Why pay more? The Chefmate Toaster Oven works great.


This is my second Chefmate Toaster Oven. I bought the first one many years ago, and then I saw a different model that I thought looked better. The one I bought was silver and black and had the toaster part at the top of the oven (so you pop in your bread up top instead of putting it inside the oven). While it looked like a cool idea, I quickly learned that it was missing a vital feature: no timer that shut off the oven when it was done. This meant that if I wasn't paying attention, I could burn whatever was in the toaster oven. Unfortunately I had already gotten rid of the Chefmate, so I bought another and got rid of the "new" one. I use the Chefmate Toaster Oven all the time. I couldn't live without it. It saves so much energy when compared to using the stove. I've cooked everything in here, from pizza to muffins to salmon (with the broiler). It works great and I have no reason to look for a replacement. Sometimes the best things cost the least. Plus it fits in my cabinet so I don't have to leave it out on the countertop all the time.

Land O Lakes, FL


I love my Chefmate Toaster Oven!


I love my Chefmate Toaster Oven! It is the easiest to use and cooks faster than a conventional oven.  I've had ovens that kept running even though the timer dinged and I didn't hear the ding! I love that the timer doesn't just ding but turns the oven OFF so you don't burn your food! I live in a small apartment and it doesn't take up a lot of space on the counter so I can leave it out ready to use whenever I want.

Dayton, NV


The chefmate toaster oven is the most easiest quickest oven ever


I receive my toaster oven for Christmas and I love it, to be able to toast my toast without pulling out the toast is awesome, and for warming up leftovers is so great. the features are so good and it's so easy to use.  No wasting gas turning on the oven and waiting for it to heat up to cook a small meal.  A small amopunt of electricity is all it takes and my bill has gone down. The baking and broiling features are so cool, it takes less time than in an oven. Cleaning is a snap, just wipe down with a damp cloth, and for all the crumbs that's accumulate just open the bottom  crumb tray and dispense into the trash and wipe down with damp cloth.  this is so easy to use also, just push the knob towards the rear and it opens, when done just close the tray and make sure it is locked in place.  

Saint Paul, MN


Chefmate Toaster Oven

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