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Chefmate Popcorn Popper

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I wouldn't spend the money on this popper again.


This popper could use a lot of improvements too many hot unpopped kernels shoot out all over the place and popped popcorn has a hard time making it into the bowl. Overall I would not recommend this if you have kids because of the burn factor of the unpopped hot kernels shooting all over the place.

Peru, Indiana


For the price, it does its job just fine!


For a small amount of money you get a small piece of equipment that was designed to make a proper healthy serving of popcorn for one or two people. If you want to make mass amounts of popcorn then you should not have purchased this one, like if you want to haul a lot of stuff you wouldn't go by one of those tiny little hatchback cars now would you?? Yes it has its quirks, yes you do need to be present when utilizing it, I don't remember the last time I used a blender or the stove and just left it to do its thing while I went to do other stuff, I mean really, this doesn't pass the common sense test here people... Anyway, if you want to make massive amounts of popcorn, save up and buy the bigger appliance, or just utilize the microwave popcorn, that yes you may want to stand there at the microwave to ensure you don't burn it.... Eat your healthy snack and be happy.....



A workable machine


The machine does a satisfactory job air popping popcorn. I does occasionally leave corn unpopped and spits unpopped corn into the room. I know it is a healthy way to eat popcorn, but honestly we don't get out the machine and use it that often because it seems like a hassel and not worth the effort. Performance From my experience it is a pretty standard popper. Some corn pops well, other corn does not. Settings/Features You just plug it in and go, as with most similar poppers. Ease of Cleaning It doesn't take much clean-up. Durability As we don't use it often I can't really comment on the durability.

Pittsburgh, PA


You might need safety goggles when using this popper


I've always wanted an air popper. I hate the smell of microwave popcorn and I worry about the chemicals that are used. I'm very disappointed with this product. It takes a long time to heat and it is extremely loud. It's a game to catch the popcorn as it doesn't fall right into the bowl like it should. Generally, random un popped kernals are being expelled throughout the kitchen. It overall doesn't pop the corn very well both with left over kernals and kernals that aren't really well puffed. During the entire popping process I feel like I'm under assult with the flying popcorn. In order to make another batch, you have to wait several minutes. It only holds a small amount of kernals, so with the wasted kernals, you have to make a second batch. Overall, it's easy to use, but it is an air popper after all, it should be easy to use. I would not recommend this product nor would I replace this one with the same model.

Manchester, NH


Chefmate pops well and is healthy


We bought this as a cheap way to enjoy healthy popcorn. This device is more than worth the price we paid for it. No oil or anything is used to pop the corn so it is a very healthy snack for the whole family. We use this frequently. There are several drawbacks to the Chefmate popcorn popper though. First it can be pretty messy. The plastic piece used to force the popcorn into your bowl is a little short I think. We have an extremely wide bowl and there is always popcorn on our kitchen floor. A longer spout to force the popcorn into the bowl would have been a better design. The other drawback is after a year or so of consistant use the machine craps out after one bowl of popcorn. If you let it rest a while it will work again though. Not too surprising for this type of machine, but sometimes you just want that second bowl. We have never had a burnt kernel of corn from it. It is a little noisy but not excessivly. Overall I think it is a great little machine that works great for its intended use.

Hilliard, OH


Don't let your kids help you, can be dangerous.


I bought this popcorn popper to have a healthier alternative to microwave popcorn, be able to pop mass quantities for school parties and such and to relive the fun I had popping corn on Sunday nights with my mom.  What I got was a big hassle and kids who are afraid to come in the kitchen when this thing is on.  It leaves several un-popped kernels and they don't stay in the popper but shoot randomly out of the machine like hot popcorn shrapnel. It doesn't hold a lot of popcorn to begin with but it seems to take twice as long because half of the kernels remain un-popped.  Also, the lid will just randomly fall off into the bowl sending sprays of popcorn all over the kitchen and any innocent bystanders.  This popcorn popper is the perfect example of getting what you paid for. I still use it because I haven't had a chance to do research to find a better one but I definitely would NOT recommend this to a friend, possibly to an enemy.

Middleton, ID


Chefmate Popcorn Popper doesn't pop corn well.


This Chefmate popcorn popper has been a disappointment.  My husband and I registered for this for our wedding.  We were so excited, but it was short lived.  Every time that we pop some popcorn there are a lot of unpopped kernels.  And they don't just sit at the bottom unpopped, they fly out at random intervals like tiny hot bullets.  I didn't want to be anywhere near it! If that was the only problem I might be able to forgive it.  However, the popcorn that does manage to pop doesn't come out ofthe popper well. I'm not sure if it is a problem with the spout or  the spinning speed or something else entirely, but the popcorn doesn't nicely fall into a bowl.  Sometimes it doesn't even reach the bowl! I don't know, maybe there is something I am missing about this popper, but I've become too frusterated with it to use it anymore.  Now I prefer to use the microwavable popcorn bowls.  The Orville Redenbacher is quite effecient.

Provo, UT


Love this product.


           This product is great, you don't need oil or butter. just the popcorn and the machine does the rest. It is also fun seeing how the popcorn still pops after it has come out of the machine and in the bowl. The kids will love it.

Chicago, IL


Chefmate Popcorn Popper

2.5 8