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Digital Scale
Chefmate Nutritional Digital Scale

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The Chefmate Digital Scale is an invaluable tool!


A few years ago, my husband and I decided to do Weight Watchers. One of the most important factors when eating healthy is controlling your portion size - and one really easy way to do that is by weighing out your portions. This scale is very nice for weighing things in the kitchen from rice and cereal to cheese and meats. It is accurate and quick and easy to use. You can even zero out the scale after putting a plate or dish on it so that when you add the food, you're only weighing the food. My only complaint is that sometimes if you have a plate on the surface of the scale, it's difficult to read the display. We also really like the timer on this scale. It can count both up and down. We use it when our son does his chores and it's really nice because it beeps a couple times at 10 minutes and 5 minutes (which is kind of a nice reminder/warning of how much time he has left.)

Conway Springs, KS


Really makes you aware of what you are eating!


I had seen this product used on TV and thought it would be a great idea to help me with my diet.  I have been weighing food and calculating the calories and fat on my own but that becomes a real headache.  This wonderful little thing calculates the weight along with 10 or nutrional values.  It's really amazing to watch the calories or fat add up as you pour your cereal or chips into a bowl.  It even has a wonderful total feature which can be used to total up nutrional values in a meal or in everything you've eaten in the day.  It's simple to use and it really wakes you up to how much you are eating.  Great for portioning!While there are 1000 foods programed in, I found myself using the 100 available "enter your own" slots.  I can easily see myself filling these 100 numbers up and having to delete items I don't eat as often.  So that's the only downside, I wish there were more programmable slots.  Otherwises this is a great scale whether you are counting calories or not.

Norman, OK


Chefmate Nutritional Digital Scale

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