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Chefmate 5-Speed Hand Mixer

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This hand mixer is designed very pooly. The "release" button for the beaters is also the "on/off" switch, which means if you press the button and accidentally move your finger up, it switches on. Twice I have almost gotten a finger injured when it unexpectedly turned on while I was grasping the beaters. Usually I'm careful to unplug it first, but I forgot and am concerned my children will forget as well. Lucky I haven't been injured! Shocking this has not been recalled! Also gets very slow with stickier/heaver consistency recipes. Mixing Performance Also gets very slow with stickier/heaver consistency recipes. Design DANGEROUS! See above!



Chefmate Hand mixer is okay for small jobs.


I am a "Betty Crocker" so to speak...I love to bake. Using this Chefmate hand mixer is okay for smaller jobs, as in one batch jobs, but for anything larger, I would recommend a big Kitchen Aid mixer. Your arm will also start to hurt after using this for longer periods of time, as in baking more than one batch at a time. Otherwise, this mixer is great! If I am just mixing up cookie mix or cupcake mix for just my family, I just pull out this mixer and mix it up real quick. I also love that this Chefmate hand mixer doesn't splatter as much as the other hand mixers I have bought. Overall, I would definitely recommend this product for smaller mixing jobs, but if you are looking for something to mix a larger quantity, I wouldn't buy this.

Dearborn Heights, MI




This little small and lightweight Chefmate hand mixeer is the way to go for fast and easy recipes. I have a huge mixer that takes up alot of room on myu counter, is very heavy to move and is a problem to clean. This litter mixer is very lightweight and very easy to clean. Just pop out the mixing blades and pop in the dishwasher and voila you are done. The mixer is small so it fits easily in kitchen drawers. I am older and have arthritis in my hands and fingers so this is a good alternative for me because it is light and easy to use. Another plus about this Chefmate mixer is the cost. It is very inexpensive compared to the heavy sit on your kitchen counter kinds. It also does a good job mixing up jusr about anything.

Naples, FL


Chefmate Hand Mixer


I received the Chefmate hand mixer as a gift, and I am happy with it. It is small and lightweight. It doesn't take up a lot of room in my small kitchen. I like using a mixer by hand instead of mixing with a stand because it is easier to maneuver. I don't use mixers very often. I mix everything by hand unless the recipe requires a lot of mixing. I usually use it only for baking things like cakes. The chefmate hand mixer has worked just like the larger mixers that I have used and I have not had any problems with it. It has mixed everything with no malfunctioning or clogging. The mixer is really easy to use because it only has a few options on it. It is also easy to clean. I have no complaints!

Detroit, MI


Chefmate 5-Speed Hand Mixer is cheap


Sometimes a Kitchaid mixer is overkill and a hand mixer can come in handy for a quick mix. The Chefmate 5-Speed hand mixer is amongst the cheapest options, but quality is quite low as well. The switch, release, and even the casing feel rather flimsy. For beating eggs or stiffening whites or mixing light batters the chefmate performs well enough. But if you are making more dense recipes the beater can get bogged down, and its motor's resistance to getting burned out does not seem very high. This is a good basic blender for quick jobs, but if you are looking for a primary blender or are a serious cook there are plenty of better options from respected brands that aren't that much more expensive.

North Adams, MA


Chefmate 5-Speed Hand Mixer

2.6 5