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Chefmate 2-Slice Waffle Maker

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Piece of junk!


I am not a fan of this waffle iron one bit! I don't even remember how I got it. I think it might have been a gift. It's not a waffle iron that I would have bought myself and yet I have it. For one, it's too small and secondly it takes forever to cook the waffles. With a family of five this waffle iron just takes too long to feed everyone. By the time I've made enough for everyone, they are done eating and I'm in the kitchen finishing breakfast by myself. The next thing that I hate about this thing is that is never fails to cook uneven waffles. I love waffles and the ones this produces are very much lacking. Half of the waffle will have a nice color and crisped up while the other end will be undercooked and spongy. Not very appetizing at all. I swear frozen waffles heated up in the toaster taste better! I don't remember the last time I used this waffle iron and I plan on tossing it in our upcoming garage sale.



Chefmate Waffle Maker is a disappointment.


You know how every family has that one dish that is their specialty? Well in my husbands family, its his dad's waffles. He's been making them for years and we've gone for waffles at Grandpa's house often. My husband wanted to try to recreate the tradition with our own kids when we recieved this waffle maker as a gift. We got my father in law's recipe and excitedly tried to make waffles for breakfast one saturday. While they tasted ok, there just was something off about the waffles. They were too dense. We tried a couple more times, thinking we were messing up the recipe somehow. We even got another waffle maker to see if we were doing something wrong with the waffle maker. Finally, weeks later, we've figured out the problem. The waffle maker doesn't get hot enough. It takes 4.5 minutes to cook (where as my father in laws waffle maker takes 1.5 minutes), and while it does cook them eventually, its like eating three waffles at once, its so dense. We put some of our batter on our griddle and the "pancake" waffle tasted sooooo good! I am sad that we have to go shopping for a new waffle maker and disappointed in Chefmate. (I posted the same review for the other brand waffle maker we tried, because they both had the same result with not getting hot enough to make nice fluffy waffles.)

Allegan, MI


Hard to clean!


Once you preheat this waffle iron (about 3 minutes) it cooks your waffles in 3 minutes and they are tasty.  Don't go by the indicator light - set a timer. However, do not overfill the cups because this waffle maker is impossible to clean!!!  I'm throwing mine out as I feel it is completely unsanitary as gunk gets in every little crevice.  If anyone has a suggestion on how to safely and throughly clean this waffle maker, i'd love to hear about it.

Cloquet, MN


makes the best waffles - Chefmate!


We love our Chefmate waffle maker.  Our daughter received it as a gift from her grandmother, "The Queen of Waffles" - she loves waffles but our old waffle maker was terrible and we never used it!  Enter the Chefmate Waffle Maker into our lives.  Easy to use;  our children use it all the time!  The lights (yellow and green) tell you when the iron is hot and ready to use and when you should wait!  It turns out great waffles every single time.  The exterior is easy to wipe clean to keep it looking good as new.  The interior is non stick and wipes off with a soapy dish rag.  It is not immersible - don't want to ruin it!  We use the spray oil and nothing ever sticks!  We have used home made mix and the ever popular box mix and they all turn out great!  The locked handle makes it convenient to store and carry.  We have taken it to relatives' house, upon request, so we can make the wonderful waffles for their families as well.

Delta, OH


Chefmate 2-Slice Waffle Maker

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