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2-Slice Toasters
Chefmate 2-Slice Toaster

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You get what you pay for.


To be honest, I bought this toaster because of the low price. You get what you pay for. The slots are too narrow and small to hold anything but a slice of Wonder bread. Bigger loaves, bagels, etc. stick out or do not fit at all. Toasting is also uneven.

Honolulu, HI


Perfect for College Students


I had this toaster for 3 years before it decided to quit locking into place and cooking all together. Yes, it was a pretty crappy toaster - crumbs fell out the bottom and it was not the prettiest. But it was cheap, and in college is was perfect! I would just pick it up and sweep the crumbs out from underneath it. It did it's purpose for 3 years, I am now out of college and it's time to move on to a "Grown-up" toaster - but I would recommend this for any freshman/sophomore in college for a "starter toaster". I mean, how often do we use toasters anyways. This one got a lot of miles on it and I was surprised it lasted as long as it did. Save the money now for a knock-around toaster your roommates with use (and abuse) and splurge on the good one in 3-4 years.

Billings, MT


Chefmates 2 slice toaster is very reliable.


I like simplicity and the Chefmate 2 slice toaster with Poptart setting delivers just that. Although I live alone, I have young grand children and my kids are always in a rush. With simple to operate appliances things run alot smoother in my household. This toaster has a wide slot for bagels or english muffins and the spring brings up your food far enought to get it out, even the english muffins. The crumb tray locks well and being able to wide the cord up around the bottom makes for easy storage, esspecially in my small kitchen. The smooth white finish is easy to clean and the dial setting is strong and easy to set. It doesn't move just by brushing up against it with your sleeve or hand. The Poptart setting is a wonderful. No more burned, melting Poptarts to dig out of the toaster. This setting is perfectly configured. You get a lightly browned crust that is still soft and the inside is warmed just enough. 

Seneca, SC


Spend a little more money and buy a different toaster


This toaster was on sale for very cheap and after bringing it home I understand why!  The settings button is extremely sensitive and sometimes has a mind of it's own.  One day I make toast and it's under cooked and the next day it comes out burnt, without anyone in my house adjusting the dials at all.  Also, the lever sticks and sometimes has to be jiggled in order to get the toast to pop out.  If you like toasting bagels forget about it with this toaster, they barely fit and you will have to pry them out once they have finished toasting.  I wish that I would have paid a little more money and bought the higher priced toaster, not the top of the line one but one that would work better than this one.  I guess I shouldn't have expected much for the price, but I still can't bring myself to throw this one away and get a new one because it half way works.  I guess my kids can live without toast for a little longer. 

Duluth, MN


An average toaster... once you learn its quirks


I was so excited to have the opportunity to get a new toaster when my husband and I got married.  Our old one, a cheap 2-slice Chefmate toaster, was driving me nuts.  We'd put the bread in and push the lever down (so far, so good, right?)... and then it'd pop right back up!  We had to stand there and manually HOLD the lever down if we wanted toast... which was not something I wanted to do the rest of my life!  So, a week before our wedding, I sent our old toaster off to Goodwill to frustrate someone else.  What do you know--one of the first gifts we opened after our wedding was our new toaster... EXACTLY the same make & model as our previous one!  (Oh no!)  Furthermore, it had the same problem--the toast wouldn't stay down! Fortunately, I figured this one out.  I found if you turn the knob that allows you to program how dark you want to toast your bread BEFORE pushing the lever down, "resets" the toaster and allow the toast to stay down.  Now, I consider our toaster perfectly average... it makes 2 pieces of toast just fine.  :)

Bloomington, MN


Chefmate 2-Slice Toaster

2.8 5