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Chattem Cortizone 10 Hydrocortisone Anti Itch Creme, Maximum Strength 2 oz (57 g)

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Cortisone 10 Really Works


Cortisone 10 has the strongest dose of hydrocortisone that can be bought without a prescription.It also has Vitamins and moisturizers that heal dry itchy skin. Hydrocortizone is the best thing I have ever tried for itching, whatever the source.My household has used this for dry itchy skin, poison ivy, poison oak and poison Zumac. We use it on insect bites also. This works well on any type of itch you may have. All the added Vitamins and moisturizers that are in Cortisone 10 are a bonus that most of the other anti itch products on the market do not have.Sometimes Itchy skin comes from nothing other than dry skin. That is why Cortisone 10 is a very good choice. Cortisone 10 works fast. I can tell the difference right after applying it.I know that I can count on Cortisone 10 for my family and myself.It is a little more expensive than other brands but I feel that it is worth the added cost due to the fact that the others do not have the added ingredients that Cortisone 10 has.

Rocky Mount, NC


A Great Creme for Moisturizing and Itchiness


In the winter, my face can get really dry. The combination of harsh cold outdoor winds and indoor manufactured heat are brutal for my thirsty skin. I read somewhere a while back that Cortizone 10 Cr?me was good for dry skin and so a couple of years ago, I began using it on my face as a moisturizer in the winter and have had amazing success. My skin has maintained its moisture throughout the duration of the harsh winter months. I have had no feeling of dryness or toughness at all. The cr?me is also good for blemishes in general and I have found it works well for those as well. A few months ago after having surgery, I had a reaction to one of the medicines prescribed by the doctor. My face broke out terribly. I had been staying with my parents and had forgotten my cortisone cr?me. Within days of getting home and using the cr?me, my face cleared up and I was as good as new. I've used this cr?me on rashes as well and have always had great success with everything I've used it for. This is a really great product for anti-itching, moisturizing, etc.

Huntsville, AL


Ezcema gone!


My poor children suffer from allergies and ezcema.  Constant ezcema.  Chattem Cortizone cream is a great way to get rid of those pesky, itchy patches on their body.  It's a soothing cream that once applied, gets the itch to go away according to my daughter.  It's reasonably priced and doesn't have a strong odor or anything unpleasant.  This is definitely one that we keep around for ezcema breakouts.  As much as I love the cortizone cream, it is a steroid cream which means we can't use a lot of it because it will cause the skin to become very thin.  Of course, that is only with repeated, long term use, but nevertheless, it is something I have to consider when using this product.  I think it is a fantastic cream to have on hand, especially when we are in between ezcema prescriptions.  If anyone has any kind of skin condition that warrants the use of a cortisone cream, Chattem Cortizone cream is the one to buy.

Carson City, NV


Anti itch creme


I love this product! I have really dry itchy skin all over my body where i live really just makes it worse,I  get to the point where I literally can not stop scratching and I have tried alot of things but after using the cortizone anti itch cream I wont use anything else. This product really does what it says and it works! As soon as you put it on your skin about a minute later you can feel it working and that it's taking the itch away. it helps so much when you have any type of itchy skin or rash, anything like that. It lasts a long time so you dont need to reapply it that often. It has no smell which I love and also unlike other products after you put it on your skin you cant see it, it's just like a lotion, it leaves no color or anything on your skin. It's easy to apply, somewhat messy but very easy to spread since it's a cream. Very easy to find in stores but it can be a bit pricey but well worth the money.

Adelanto, CA


Chattem Cortizone 10 Hydrocortisone Anti Itch Creme, Maximum Strength 2 oz (57 g)

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