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Chase - Visa Platinum Business Card

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It's a great credit card for a contractor like me.


As a contractor, I spend a lot of money in hardware and home improvement stores.  I also buy a lot of gasoline for my work truck.  That's why this is the perfect card for me - it pays 3% cash back for purchases at gas stations, restaurants, lumberyards, and hardware, home improvement, building supply, and office supply stores (as well as 1% cash back elsewhere).  In my business, that 3% applies to almost every dollar I charge!  If you're a contractor and you don't have this card, you're throwing money away.

Oneonta, NY


A card that will keep you protected from fraud


I have been using the Chase Business Visa credit card for 1 year. I have a couple of other cards as well. I prefer to use this card for three resons; 1. Fraud protection 2. Rewards/Cash back 3. Credit limit. I was amazed when I received my first call from the fraud detection department. I was in my basement on my computer conducting business. The phone rang and I answered and it was Chase's fraud detection department letting me know that they suspected a fraudulent charge as it was happenning. They wanted to know if it was a legitimate charge. I said it was not and they stopped the charge from occurring. That was the first call. I have received three other calls in the past year about fraudulent charges to my card. I was amazed at the speed of their response and effectiveness. I am very pleased with this  aspect of my card. As I said before, I have a few other credit cards. They all have a rewards program. But nothing matches Chase's rewards. Discover Card is a close second, but it is hard to compete with Chase. I have received $350 and a $25 Itunes gift card for one years worth of purchases. It has been great! The last reason is the large crdit limit I received at the beginning of my membership. It has a credit limit of 60% more than my other cards and my other cards have even dropped the credit limit as of recent. Chase has not. They are keeping the large credit limit for me. Excellent card. I think it is the best one out there.

Rubicon, WI


best card and most useful card i have


i have case small businesss card and have daughter as part time employee and she has employee card under mine.  This is great way for me to see how daughter spends her money from statement i get of her expenses.  Also if daughter somewere runs out of money i can go on internet and raise the spending limit on her card and fast convientant doesnt cost anything dont have to wire he money etc.  The points i accumulate on card goes to help pay off bill statement.  I get double dollars for points when i buy stuff at stores i get creidt card points also i get store reward loyality points for the purchase too this double money back for purchases i love it.  Also save lots of money by paying most of my bills online suh as electric heat telephone internet garabge pick up icell phone direct ty everything dont have to buy stamp envelopes check blanks a great way to save more money.  You cant go wrong with this credit card just pay outstanding balance off at statement date and  card doest cost a thing. thank chase for a high quality product i enjoy usieng

Le Sueur, MN


Okay service with okay benefits. Abundant available credit


This is for the Chase Business card.  I have had this credit card for about 2 years now and it has been okay with me.  I chose to also get the Identity theft program provided by Chase for about 10 bucks a month.  It is a pretty good service as they monitor your credit thoroughly every week to see what has been happening with it, and if there are any suspicous transactions on either your credit report, or your Chase Business card. You earn 3% on some on the more popular purchases in certain areas, and 1% on the rest.  There isnt very many points or rewards to be given, but I have cashed out about 500 bucks in rewards from the percentage returns.  It's not much but it helps a little.  They are quick about giving you the rewards checks as well.  They mail it within the next 2 business days and you receive them fast.  Customer service is actually great, once you pass the hold times.  Overall judgement of this credit card is good.  It's made for business so they give you a high limit, but just be careful that you don't get too spendy just because you have a high limit.

Rosemead, CA


Chase - Visa Platinum Business Card

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