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Chase - Speedway SuperAmerica MasterCard

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An average credit card but a great rewards card


I Love my Speedy Rewards Credit Card. I would not say that the Credit card itself is any better or worse than every other card out there. Interest payment is OK, Customer service tries to sell you other products and its easy to use. Its backed by Chase which is pretty strong financially. The Speedy Rewards program is great in itself in that rewards are many and frequent and the point collecting rewards have many many choices. I have gotten 3 $100 cash cards, 1 $25 cash card and 1 $10 cash card, plus free food and beverages, gas discounts, won small prizes ect. When you combine the Speedy Rewards with the credit card you get even more points faster. Its great great great.

Warren, MI


Speedway rewards card


This is not a bad card. The rewards on the card are a great feature and it is easy to access acocunt information online. However, in order to get my points I had to call customer service at Chase several times to get them to input my speedy rewards card number from speedyway gas station after I went to a speedway gas station to pick up a card. Each time I called they of course tried to sell me a payment protection plan and it can be tough to get rid of the customer service reps after saying "no" without just hanging up on them. i did finally get my points to register on my card and I had way more then I thought I would! Even with a small amount of points you can cash them in for free food or whatnot at speedyway.

Louisville, KY


Chase - Speedway SuperAmerica MasterCard

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