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Chase - SonyCard

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Great Credit Card


I have a Sony Card powered by Chase. I earn Sony points every time I use it to be used towards future purchases or rewards. I originally applied for the card because I am an avid "Wheel of Fortune" fan. I keep hoping my Spin ID will come up on the show and because I am a Sony Cardholder I will receive $50,000. WOW!! I also enjoy other benefits since I have  enrolled in Card Protection for this card.  I get a payment holiday with no interest, no payment but I have deferred my payment for 4 months because I moved. I have truly enjoyed the benefits of this card and recommend it to anyone looking for a great credit card with benefits.  

Ennis, TX


If you love movies, get the Chase Sony Rewards Card


For anyone who loves to go to the movies, this is the credit card you should be using.  Not only does it give per-dollar credit for every purchase, there are frequent bonus periods where extra points can be earned by purchasing from certain types of merchants (grocery stores, gas stations, etc.). The rewards can also be used for gift cards for restaurants, retailers, and many other things, but for me and my husband, who can't travel much due to some pets on medication, we get lots of free movie tickets and Blockbuster rentals.  People laugh when I tell them we haven't paid for a movie since "Jurassic Park", but we're serious. The redemption system is incredibly easy to use:  just log onto the Sony Rewards website and use your points to order whatever your points will allow.  The shipping is free, and we've never had a problem receiving our merchandise promptly. Get a Chase Sony Rewards Card today, you won't be sorry!

Silver Spring, MD


Good APR


The Sony Card is a great card for those who want to earn rewards to get prizes like movies, games, TVs, etc. It has a great APR, and perks such as the ability to skip a payment one month if the consumer would like or pay any amount to get ahead on the balance. The statements are easy to understand and there are never any surprises with this credit card. They have not changed their policy for any reason that does not make sense yet. A very straight-forward company and it is easy to trust them.

Milwaukee, WI


This is one of the best credit cards to have


This card is great. I earn 1 point for every general purchase made, 2 points per dollar spent at SonyStyle.com, and 5 points per dollar spent at the Sony Store. Points are redeemed towards Sony rewards. Everything from movies and video games, to televisions, blue ray DVD Players, and Sony Video Game Systems. Also, throughout the year Chase offers bonus points when a certain amount is spent on certain categories of items. For example, there is currently a promotion where cardmembers can earn 2 points per dollar spent once they spend over $500 at restaurants, the grocery store, department stores or gas stations. This promotion is going on until March of 2010. I have had this card since January of 2008 and have already redeemed my points for two movies, a set of speakers, and a set of headphones. And I currently have enough points for a new TV. Points can also be redeemed for gift cards to stores like Sears or Barnes & Noble, or to restaurants like Red Lobster or Apple Bee's. I recommend anyone who's into electronics to definitely apply for this card.

Bronx, NY


Chase - SonyCard

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