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Chase - MK Rewards Visa Card

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Not Ideal


I was a Mary Kay consultant for a short period of time a number of years ago. During that time I needed to purchase inventory and was told by my upline that the best way was to get the Mary Kay Rewards VISA and purchase a large amount of inventory on that and then I could pay off the balance as I sold the product. Unfortunately, I wasn't particularly successful as a Mary Kay consultant and quit after about a year and a half. During that time I spent all of my "profits" just paying off the balance on my Mary Kay credit card for the inventory purchases that they insisted I needed. Only later did I discover that my upline was actually benefiting from every dollar I spent on inventory. The entire experience was not ideal and left me with a nasty feeling about the card in general. With the high interest rate and the initial large inventory purchase it took me a very long time to pay off the "investment" and I really cannot recommend it to anyone, unless you are perhaps an established Mary Kay consultant. Overall, with the high interest rate and the Mary Kay branding it's not an ideal card and I really cannot recommend it.

Vernon Rockville, CT


MK Chase rewards Card really has proven excellance.


MK rewards card has really proved itself to me. My identity was stolen and all I had to do was call the fraud department and they took care of me. The charges were removed, they added fraud protection to my card, and sent me a new card in less than a week. The operators were very friendly and very sincere. Before my identity was stolen, I was just on the MK credit card, not the rewards. While talking with the operator, she offered me the rewards system (free!!!) and now I am so glad I took it. I automatically got 1000 points added to my account just for signing up. You also get 2 points for every dollar spent. There are so many things to chose from when redeeming your points as well. Gift cards and a personal check can be written to you too!The best part (and this may only be because I am a mary kay consultant and maybe because I am a girl) is the card is so cute! The credit card alone (without the rewards system) was of lipsticks. The rewards card has all kinds of make-up products on it. I fully suggest if you are a mary kay consultant getting on the MK chase card rewards.

Fort Smith, AR


Chase - MK Rewards Visa Card

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