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Chase - Ink Plus Business Credit Card

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would not suggest chase bank cards - they don't protect you


the short story - I purchased something in Baja Mexico thinking that I would be protected by fraud and disputes. 24 hours after I made the purchase I got back into the USA, I found out that the contact information that I was given in Mexico was false and I called Chase immediately. A very nice customer representative took the information in three weeks later I got notice saying that I didn't have to worry about this purchase anymore. Three months later a Chase representative from a call center outside the US - I think it was Guam or the Philippines - said that this item was changing from the frauds department to the disputes department and that I would not have to pay for this, it was just a formality because technically - from the Chase bank perspective - it was not fraud. So, it was mishandled from the very beginning over a year and half later I never was able to speak to the representative who made the decision. I wanted to speak to a human being in the department that made the decisions because I did not know what criteria and information they were looking at. I never could speak to anyone in charge - just underlings who had to pass on, or escalate, the issue to the proper department. I finally wrote corporate headquarters and they said roughly, 'This is our decision pay up and we don't intend to talk to you about this matter ever again'. No quotes by the way... I think it's ridiculous to have a department that's totally insulated, that you cannot speak to anyone to discuss the process and the facts. The bottom line - I was not protected in the way advertised by my credit card company! In this case it was a chase Inc. card. BTW - I did get supported by my Bank of America card from this same transaction since I split the amount to two credit cards. This is why I would not suggest chase bank for anything! It is too bad because I love the people in my branch and I really like the tools that Chase Bank offers. But not speaking to your customers - unconscionable!

San Diego, CA


The best Travel Card to own


Love the fact that there is NO foreign transaction fees. This saves you a lot depending on how much you charge on an out of country trip. Love the numerous ways you can use and earn points. Especially business categories which earn you 5x the points. Great benefits also using points to buy your travel at reduces points via their website. Customer Service Go above and beyond to help you and seem to really care about the customer. I had a fee reversed I was charged on vacation in a foreign country that ran my credit as a cash advance which triggered a fee. All I had to do was call. Highly recommend this card. They also called me when they suspected fraud. My card was immediately shut down. Very proactive for the customer. : ) Available Rates typical.

Anaheim, CA


Chase - Ink Plus Business Credit Card

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