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Chase - British Airways Visa Signature Card

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Every mile counts towards a free flight with Chase B.A. Card.


I never used a credit card until I got the Chase British Airways one.  As I fly to England on B.A. every August, and had to fly in November, when my Mum passed away, every mile counts for me. Sometimes they have a promotion when you get extra miles on supermarkets, gas, and dining out. I don't care what it is I charge it.  Then when my bill comes in I pay it off, with my online banking.  Not only do I not pay any finance charges, but I don't even have to come up with a postage stamp. It depends how much we spend, and how many miles B.A. give on my flights.  They have cut it down to a quarter of the miles.  In the beginning it was the full amount.  All these add up to my free flight. Well, I say free, but by the time you pay for taxes, fuel, security, and all the other add ons, it really works out to about half of the normal fare. Right now I am at Tampa International Airport waiting to board my yearly flight to England.  My daughter, her husband, my 2 grand-daughters, and my 94 year old Dad will be pleased to see me. If you fly B.A. then get this card. Customer Service Extremely helpful, and if there is a problem, they will get it sorted out for you. Available Rates They tell me I have a great one, but I never keep a balance.


New Port Richey, FL




There is a great card! You can earn actually 1.25 mile per dollar spent that is not 1 mile per 2 dollars or 1 mile for every dollar! You can also get double miles on British airways purchases (tickets, upgades, other British airways products). Also, $50 ( fifty!!!) dollars off a ticket booked on their website... You can also earch double miles on the following purchases: - gas station purchases - grocery stores purchases too when you spend more than one thousand dollars from April 1st till the end of June 2010. Yes, it is 2.5 miles per every dollar spent !!! Just use the credit card instead of cash or check, and you will be much closer to your next British airways destination whereever you may want to go with British Airways! Isn't this a great news? There are other great benefits such as: every calendar year in which you spend $30,000 or more on this card, you will receive a complimentary companion flight voucher valid for two years!


Evanston, IL


great bonus offer plus more miles per dollar


The British Airways Chase Visa Platinum card is a goldmine among reward cards, currently offerin 1.25 miles per dollar spent, as opposed to the industry norm of 1 mile per dollar. In addition, they are currently offering 100,000 miles to those who open a new card with them: 50,000 miles after the first spend, and an additional 50,000 miles after $2000 in spending. This is the best account opening bonus that I have ever seen for a frequent flyer mile credit card. In addition, if you spend $30,000 within a year on the card, you get a free companion ticket in the same class of service on a British Airways card. The bonus miles themselves can be used with any of British Airway's many airline partners as well, such as American Airlines, Japan Airlines, and Cathay Pacific. This credit card does unfortunately have an annual fee of about $75, and it is from Chase bank, which is notorious for their tough credit standards. In addition, Chase does not allow you to apply for more than one credit card every 6 months, so beware of this before you apply. Nonetheless, the card is convenient and cheap for what you get. so I fullheartedly recommend it to all.


Trenton, NJ


Chase - British Airways Visa Signature Card

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