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Chase - AARP Visa Card

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Give us money to make a charge on a card. Thanks Chase AARP Visa


We have several Chase credit cards, and the most recent one is the Chase -AARP Visa Card. My husband was sent an application, and if you applied for one, got it, and made a purchase, he would receive the equivalent points to get a check for $100. With C.D.'s, Money Markets, and savings accounts making pennies in interest, we thought this to be a good way to make extra money. We have put a couple of transactions on the card, and am now waiting to receive our check. We will pay it off next month, when the statement comes in, as we have never paid any interest charges. Watch the mail for this great deal. Customer Service Easy to apply for. Available Rates Average. We always pay in full.

New Port Richey, FL


Chase AARP's accounting records are definitely flawed


I've been a Chase customer for about 10 years.  I was late on payments twice during that time.  I have been paying an automatic $100 on the same day every month for the past year. Currently my account is being charged over 27% interest.  When I called and asked them to lower the rate to a reasonable amount the lady stated I had been late 30 times.  I asked to have verification mailed to me.  They mailed duplicates of the past two years - during that time, I was late once because I'm 76 and forgot and the second time because I relocated to a new state and the mail didn't reach me on time. I had a second problem with their accounting - way back in 2003, when Chase purchased my account from another bank, they reported a write-off of the amount I had paid that month to close the account.  If that were true, why would they have increased my line of credit by $5,000?   I did get that cleared up with the 3 credit reporting agencies.  (Boosted my credit rating by 150 points!) I paid this account off this month.  I will leave the account open to enhance my credit report but will only charge what I will pay off at the end of the month.  

Gentry, AR


Chase - AARP Visa Card

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