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Chase - +1 Student Credit Card

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Chase Student Rewards Card is perfect for establishing credit.


Chase Student Reward credit card is a perfect card for students who are needing to establish credit.  It helps you establish credit while providing a low APR, cash advance opportunity and customer earned rewards by shopping.  They also allow you to turn your points into statement credits which definitely helps a bit when you need a little extra cash.  Or it allows you to turn your points in for gift certificates to your favorite places.  I redeemed mine and received them within the month, its quick, easy and a great way to be rewarded for the money you are spending!  I would recommend the Chase Student Reward Credit Card for any student especially college student! It's a great card and compared to my other cards like Victoria Secret, or Banana Republic its offers the best incentives for using their card.  Not only do they offer great benefits for their customers but the customer service is fantastic and they are always willing to help you in anyway that they can!  This company is a very understanding company is values their customers! 

Burton, MI


The credit card for students.


*Chase* +*1* is a credit card program created exclusively for college students that helps you earn great rewards today while you building good credit. This is the first credit card I have ever owned. The first year I had it, it came with 0% APR, which was a bonus, altho since then I have been pretty good about paying the full balance at the end of the month, or at least pretty close to it. Chase reward's point system is pretty straight forward and user friendly. They have a portal in which if you shop through you are eligible to earn more point for every dollar you use, for example every year I renew my magazine through magazine-line, but instead of only getting 18 points I get 360 points. You can redeem rewards for as little as 2500 points. They also have this new feature called blueprint that helps you manage every day purchases to ensure you dont pay interest on them and split up larger purchases over a time period you set. Whenever I have called customer service they have been friendly and even once reversed an over-draft fee! This is definitely my credit card of choice.

Boston, MA


Chase student Credit card


This review is more or less for Chase bank, rather than the actual credit card.  I am sad to say that we are unfortunately paying of a car loan also from Chase.  We used to bank with chase.  That was a nightmare from the very beginning.  The only good thing they did was let me open up my very first credit card.  Other than that, its been a roller coaster of over draft charges, rediculous fees, and VERY poor customer service.  Chase (unfortunately) recently bought out the Washington Mutual Bank chain- most of which exist in the state of Washington.  So now a bunch of poor unsuspecting bankers are now being forced to bank with chase.  During our 'banking experiance' we would use our debit card, and we banked mainly online, keeping track of our transactions there, instead of a check book.  Normally a debit card transaction goes through immediatly. Not with chase.  Our account often became over drawn when a random 1.21 cent charge suddenly went through, and our account would then be charged the 30 dollar overdraft fee for being over drawn by 10 cents.  and becuase we had recently moved, and at the time, chase had not opened any banks in Washington.  So, after constantly calling relatives to waste time and go to the bank back home and deposit ten cents into our account, and about 800 (no joke) dollars in over draft fees ( we were obviously hard headed) we finally told chase we were finished with their fees and their games and switched to a different bank.  ( whome we have been with for almost 2 years and not had our account over drawn once) We were surprised when chase didn't charge us a "closing yoru account" fee. Ha. Ha. Anyway.  The credit card was the same experiance.  After paying off the balance completely, I was charged another finance fee for the 'previous balance' , and couldn't close the account until that was paid.  I had the card for over a year and a half and was given and 800 dollar limit.  I was never given more credit for paying all of my payments on time, even when asked.  As for our lousy car payment...they charge a 10 dollar "same day processing" fee.  YET, the payment isn't processed for at least another three days.  Needless to say, more money is going towards the interst than our actual car payment, and even though our credit score has improved significatly, they refuse to let us refinance.  So unless you'd like to waste money on useless fees and pay into a rediculously large corporation that could care nothing about you or your financial needs, don't bank with chase!!!!

Tacoma, WA


Good limit and easy to get!


The Chase +1 Student Credit Card is an ok card. It is good if you want a card that has a good credit limit and you just need it to build your credit. They give it to students, so you do not have to make a lot to get it, and as a student with virtually no credit it is a really great deal. The rate is pretty high on it, though, so if you get it you will want to always pay it off. Or pay nearly twenty percent interest, your choice. The rewards program for the card is also not all that great. You can only earn two points every month, and every so many months you get an eight point bonus. You do start out with twenty-five points, though, which is enough to get something cool in the rewards store, but it's not good if you want to save up for something really cool because it will take years.

Marmaduke, AR


Chase - +1 Student Credit Card

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