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Charmin Freshmates

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After trying all types of wipes, CHARMIN wins.


I have IBSD. I have tried all baby wipe and everything out there, they all burn after a long day of discomfort, then I tried Charmin. No burn. Yes the baby wipes burn. I really feel sorry for a baby with any rash and the baby wipes are used on them. It hurts Mom.

Apple Valley, CA


Nice addition to the bathroom


I never really thought I needed anything besides toilet paper in the bathroom, until I was at a friend's and noticed she had baby wipes under her sink--and no baby! It got me thinking about how smart this idea was, so when I saw that Charmin had come out with their Freshmates, I was eager to try them out for those occasional times when you need some extra cleaning power but wiping can prove harsh. I was impressed at how thick and soft they are--perfect! And way better than baby wipes any day. Plus I love the little container they come in, although sometimes if you don't use them frequently enough, they can dry out before you use them up. That would be my only complaint--that the container would be more air-tight.

Marietta, GA


Charmin Freshmate wipes Smell GREAT!!


Charmin Freshmates are the best wipes I have tried so far. I always bought the store brand wipes until I tried these charmin freshmate wipes. They are safe for city sewer tanks but I do not know if I would use them in a septic system. I believe they may clog it. They are very moist and they smell great. They come in a forty wipe count and in a container that allows you to store them and keep them moist. They also have refills available to purchase to put in the containers. I purchased these on sale with a coupon and paid the same price I would have for the generic products. These would be expensive if I did not find them on sale though and they are more expensive than buying toilet paper, but they do make you feel fresh and cleaner than just using toilet paper. These are gentle to use on sensitive areas and I would definately recommend these if you are looking for an awesome smelling wipe and you can find them on sale.

Warren, OH


Like a Bidet in a Box


I've never traveled to Europe, but I've heard that most households there have bidets for gentle, moist cleansing. Well, I'm not planning on installing a bidet any time soon, but I figure that moist, flushable wipes like **Charmin Freshmates **are the next best thing. Charmin Freshmates are like an adult version of baby wipes. The lightly-scented, moist towelettes are neatly stacked in a plastic tub. Freshmates are gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and are as flushable as toilet tissue. My biggest gripe with Charmin Freshmates is that the design of the dispenser makes it easy for the wipes to quickly dry out. The Freshmates dispenser has a much bigger opening than rival Cottonelle wipes, and lets in much more air. Every time you open and shut the top of the dispenser, you are drying out the remaining wipes. By the time I reached the end of one container, there was hardly any moisture left in the wipes at all. Overall, **Charmin Freshmates Wipes** are a good way to achieve gentle, moist cleansing. But I can't recommend them over Cottonelle Wipes unless they improve the design of the dispenser. It does no good to have a good product if they don't stay moist all the way down to the last wipe.

Chicagoland, IL


Old charmin fresh mates


Back about 6 or 7 years ago there was a toilet paper made by Charmin that was called fresh mates.  It had its own holder and it was wet.  It went into a holder to keep it from getting dryed out faster.  It was the best toilet paper I have ever used.  I still have some of it and uses it almost every day when I need to.  I don't know how many people used it back then, but I am sure that if they did use it they will remember it well and make great coments about it.  To me it was the best toilet paper I ever used and I don't know why they took it away?   I sure do wish that they would put it back on the market, so that people like me that really enjoyed it could start using it again.  I don't even understand why they took it away??  Below there is a place for pros and cons.   I showed my feeling about what I liked about the Charmin Fresh Mates toilet paper, but what is there is not as good as it should be.  I didn't really think it was too expensive and I didn't have any problem with it clogging my toilet.  I love it and would buy it again, if it was put back on the market.  Please do think about putting this Charmin Fresh Mates wet toilet paper back on the market. Karen

Orlando, FL


Feeling like you aren't fresh


  These wipes are good to use when you are feeling like you aren't as fresh as you could be. The wipes are safe for sewer and septic systems you just have to flush them.  Using different toilets can make some people feel uncomfortable, if you have a phobia and gets freaked out from using strange bathrooms, the wipes will alleviate some of those fears. Feeling fresh is very important and knowing that there is something to help you feel that is a good thing. So when on the go grab the travel pack and leave the feeling of not being fresh at home.

Tchula, MS


Best grown-up baby wipe out there.


It's not fun to admit that sometimes your bum, well just hurts, and it could be from any number of reasons, from illness to having had surgery or even after giving birth. When it does it doesn't matter what the brand of toilet paper you use, they all hurt. Just no way around it, they just hurt and you hate thinking of the extra pain involved just to go to the bathroom. Although it is a little weird the first time to use them, Charmin Freshmates really make a difference. They are cool, refreshing and really do clean well. Plus they soothe an otherwise painful thing, making recovery a little easier on your tush. When you don't feel well the last thing you want to do is add to the problem. So these really do help. Plus they have a lovely fresh, light fragrance to them, one that is not overpowering even to those who are sensitive to fragrances. My only small complaint is that they are just a little pricey and go too quickly for the cost. But when you don't feel well, they are more than worth having around!!

Michigan City, IN


Charmin Freshmates

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