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Charmglow Gas Grill

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I purchased this gril/oven 2009. I have had no problems.


Works as good as when I bought. Love the oven and side burner.


Ocala, Florida


Charmglow grill with oven is pricey but the ONLY one with OVEN


I did a lot of research, and searching for a grill with an oven. I found The charmglow 720-0536 at Home depot priced at 799.00 I looked around for comparables and found absolutley NOTHING. This is the only grill with an oven. I really wanted a grill with an oven because I live in temecula CA and my kitchen faces west and cooking in the summer is miserable it gets so hot and cooking indoors only makes it worse!  Anyway, I waited a good three to four months after realizing that there were not other grills with ovens. I was hesitant because the maker of Charmglow is NEX GRILL (look up nex grill reviews, not very good), but I bought it on memorial day weekend the price had been dropped to 699 and I opened a credit account to get an additional 10% off. It looks really nice and has two folding arms to have counter space. The oven works great so far i've really only cooked french fries to go with our bugers. But the temp. and everything is great. The only bad part of the oven is that it is electric start which means to run it, it has to be pluged in, I was bummed about that. But better than cooking inside. The side burner works fine the only complaint I have is that even on the lowest setting it is high. I have only used it a few times to make veggies and pasta to go with our meals. If I wanted to simmer anything it probably would not work (unless maybe I turned the propane down?) Hubby said no but you never know) Ok now for the grill it's self, it works has a nice drip pan underneath, and four burners and one searing burner. I cleaned it after use and after a few uses brough it inside to give it a good cleaning. Which is when to my dismay dicovered that there were pitting on the grills which I believe are creamic coated. Also the burner covers were pitted and hard to clean. I wanted to get it to look like new since I am a neat freak. So this was very disapointing ot me. In defense of the gril i did salt my burgers and I am sure that is why they pitted. I was used to my charcoal grill I didn't know it would cause pitting. But the grates are pretty bad and look like something ate away at them. The only cause for this I could come up with was that some cooked on food tore it up when I was cleaning it. As far a quality goes it is fair, the stainless steel is so thin and it would rust easily. I read in other comments posted to homedepots site about problem with the wheels, so far so good but the casters do not seem strong enough to move it often. I am sure they will break and I dread replacing them since the thing weighs in a 350lbs. So poor value for money spent but the idea is awesome, I can't wait till it picks up with better manufacturers. But until then I will be happy as long as i don't have to cook inside.


Temecula, CA


Charmglow Gas Grill

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