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Conditioner for Dry Hair
Charles Worthington London
Charles Worthington London Results Moisture Seal Leave-in Conditioner

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An affordable conditioner for immediate results


I tried the Charles Worthington line on a Rite Aid free after rebate promotion quite a few months ago. The first thing that struck me when I snapped open the conditioner botle was its scent: not all natural, but that heavenly, expensive and soothing salon smell. I apply Charles Worthington's Results Moisture Seal Leave-in Conditioner after I shampoo and condition my hair normally, rubbing it into my palms, then distibuting it through my hair, ends first. The result is immediate: my hair is easier to run through, and little strands start to define themselves. The conditioner certainly detangles, and, in my case, starts to encourage a little wave definition in my otherwise frizzy hair. However, I cannot claim this as my HG conditioner as all of its lovely results are easily done over with my straightening iron. I still admire the product, however, and plan to buy it in the future when my hair is not quite so damaged and can deal with immediate fixes such as this one.

Twin Falls, ID


Charles Worthington London Results Moisture Seal Leave-in Conditioner

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