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Charles Shaw (2 Buck Chuck) , 2006

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Juicy for the money


Well its 2.79 so what do you expect, a great wine?  I bought this bottle for cooking and after gluging in the roast, I sampled a 2oz serving. Very juicy and flavor ful not much morethough, but hey, its a pretty good cooking wine and I suppose sangria or wine spritzer wine.,

Acworth, GA


What do you expect for 2 bucks?!...Really?


Really? Did you expect a 2 buck wine to be exceptional? No way can you get a terrific wine at less than 5 bucks much less 2. It is very cheap wine that tastes cheap. It isn't a complex wine with a lot of flavor but if you're not looking for that then perhaps it will serve the purpose. I can't figure out whether pairing it with food improves it. I've yet to find a food that does the trick and alone it certainly isn't very good. Maybe I haven't found the right cheese or pasta sauce or fruit or I don't know...I'm open to suggestions but as of yet I can't figure out how to make it palatable. For me going up a price point or two makes it a no brainer buy.

Alexandria, VA


Oh, poor Two Buck Chuck


Because I had heard so much about this wine, I had a friend ship me several bottles of it because it isn't sold where I live.  I was so stinkin' dissappointed with it.  In general, I like most wines, but I just couldn't bring myself to liking any of these wines.   

Stillwater, OK


Decent wine for the price!


Not being from the west coast, I didnt' hear about this until Trader Joe's opened in the Charlotte area.  Received a bottle from a firend and thought, wow!  Now I can afford to drink wine every evening!  The key to drinking this wine, is to NOT drink a better bottle before it!  I enjoy it.  A decent glass for a decent price.

Mooresville, NC


For the price it is a table wine that's more than decent!


Yes, Charles Shaw is affectionately known as "two buck chuck."  Truthfully--it's not bad.  This is perfect for wine with a random dinner where you don't want to open something pricey and just want some wine.  Also perfect for a late summer night or cooking or anything where you don't want to feel guilty for using something more expensive but want something that doesn't suck!

Greeneville, TN


Best thing I can say is it drained the wine lake


2 buck chuck , cheap but drinkable.They buy wine in bulk on the open market from whole salers , sometimes it is pretty good wine , sometimes not. So you never know what you are getting in a 2 buck chuck bottle. I have bought two bottles two months apart , and put them in a blind tasteing we were having just for fun. wow same lable and varietal , couldn't have been two more differnt wines.I suspect they hand select the ones entered in competitions and submitted to WS etc. from the better runs.it is however consistantly drinkable. better than the night train of old.and this wine has intorduced alot of peope to wine as a regular part of meals. It has also drained the "wine lake" in California , and a rise in grape prices followed so now Central Valley  grape growers can make a living again.

Plattsburgh, NY


Charles Shaw (2 Buck Chuck) , 2006

2.5 6