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Char-Griller Patio Pro Charcoal Grill & Smoker

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Great grill for a great price!


I have a small deck and needed a grill that would be compact and well-built. I like both gas and charcoal grills but it was such a good price, I couldn't pass it up. I only cook for two people right now so a family of five or more, may want to get a bigger grill. One of my favorite features is the fire box. It pulls out to add your charcoal and after I am done cooking, I pull it out and dump it right into the trash. Very easy! My only complaint is that the assembly was very hard and the instructions were hard to follow. I had to get some help from a friend to put it together. I really love the cast iron grates. I just started using cast iron pans so I know that this grill's grates will last. This is just a great grill!

Spokane, WA


The electric patio caddie grill is small but mighty.


This little patio caddie is just right for urban living.  I live in a three story town house with a second floor balcony, off the kitchen.  It's just big enough for the grill and so convenient for the kitchen.  Even though its electric, it heats to high enough temperatures to seer a steak.  The cooking surface isn't that big, but it's just right when cooking for two.  I even found room to add a smoker box, which I routinely add some mesquite chips.  Neighbors think I've got a smoker going on my balcony.  Because its small, its much easier to clean and keep clean.  I can roll it to a corner where it's not in the way, but handy enough to use whenever.  Because its electric, there's no need for charcoal or lighter fluid,  It heats up really fast and I believe its much safer to use in such close proximity to my dwelling versus an open fire.   You do have the option of converting this grill to a propane gas grill by purchasing a conversion kit from Char-Broil.

Houston, TX


Char-Griller Patio Pro Charcoal Grill & Smoker

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