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Char-Broil T-Frame Natural Gas Grill

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Small grill


Small grill it does the job but the flam is hard to manage


Worcster, Massachusetts

Even cooking


This grill has survived hail and all kinds of bad weather and is still in fantastic condition! We love our grill and use it as often as possible. It cooks evenly. We've never had a single issue. Great price too!


Wylie, Tx


Love it!


Small and efficient


Orland park, il




I originally bought this specific gas grill for two major reasons, one it is a great size for me, since I am a little over 5ft, making it easier to maneuver and second it was a decent price. Don't get me wrong the assembly was pretty simple, but that was the only good thing about it once I started using it. The side burner was useless since the flame kept wavering making it difficult to use it even though there was no breeze whatsoever. It took over six minutes to make my coffee! The grill portion itself had the worst cooking, it was too hot on one side making the meat/vegetables burn quickly, while the other side was so bad that the meat might as well have been boiled, even though both were at the exact same medium temperature. This is if you even could get to open and close the grill. I found that for some reason the handle of the grill, which is made out of some hard plastic, was to hot to touch. I would have my items on the grill and after about a minute or two I would go to lift the lid to check on the items and the handle would be too hot to even touch, I tried using low temperature but it still was too hot to the touch. The small top rack had its own issues, it would constantly pop out of the holes making the rack come down. When that wasn't happening it would slouch down, causing me to have to use the tongs to lift the rack up so that I could close the lid. To top it all off, this grill was unsteady and tough to clean. In all a complete waste of equipment.


Milwaukee, WI


Awsome grill


I bought this girl a couple yrs ago and it was a great grill. I no longer have it because I moved into an apartment and had no where to store it but my sister has it know so it stayed in the family where I still can enjoy it.


Miamisburg Ohio

Would not recommend this one


Wow this grill is not a good one. I purchased this grill because I liked the size of it, the grilling area size and the design seemed good. It was just the right size for my porch/deck. Assembly was easy, the price was really nice. The other reviews I had read seemed to be good. I grill usually 2-3 times a week in the summer. I used it the first few times and couldn't seem to get the heat level right. Everything came out burned. I would turn it on to warm up and I would come back to a temp of 500 inside. I tried warming it up on just low and still came back to a 500 degree reading on the temp. This grill has very poor heat control. I find now I have to heat it up for next to no time and turn it on gr lowest possible and usually have to turn it off to keep from scorching my meat. I would not use this grill for anything delicate or temperature sensitive. I have since purchased a new grill because this one is too inaccurate. I know use this one for doing receives that would be done over a fire. The size of this grill is good. It isn't super heavy so it's nice for moving around. The price point of this grill is good. The side platforms are nice for holding your meat and seasonings. I would not recommend this grill to others. The heating is so uneven and not predictable.


Grand Rapids,MI




I needed a small grill for grilling for myself and my grandchildren when they came over. So I wanted something rather small and compact. This was the right choice. Not perfect, but for the price it is exactly what I wanted.


Washington Twp., MI


Grilling a JOY on Char-Grill


My husband LOVES to grill on his Char-Grill. It is quick, easy and everything tastes delicious! I am so glad I bought it for him. He enjoys grilling on it for me and when we entertain friends or family. Performance It heats up quickly. With the wheels it is easy to move around the yard - from sun to shade too. It provides heat for cooking and area to keep cooked meats warm while cooking more items on the grill. Versatility It cooks all kinds of meat and food. I like pork chops and steaks on it best. Ease of Use I don't grill but could if I used this grill. The dials are easy to read and use. Ease of Cleaning It is easy to clean....cleans up and looks great. It really is just a few swipes with the grill brush after each use and a good cleaning once a month. Durability Our Grill is now over 10 years old and still looks great and works good too. There is no rust at all and it sits outside all winter long and we live in Ohio. Frigid here now like 10 below zero. Design It looks good up close or from our deck. I like the simple design. Not flashy and the size is right. Huge grills are too heavy to move and look awful....detract from the garden view.




Great BBQ, small price


When we stayed looking for a NEW BBQ we knew we wanted char broil over the years we have had other brands with a lot of disappoint. Everyone we knew liked charbroil. We search models and pricing. We have a small family and didn't want to take up a lot of space. Propane was a must so we could use it in the winter without trouble. When we got our BBQ delivered we couldn't wait to use it. The assembly was a little longer than we thought it would be, But the over all quality was great for the price. After the initial meal was cooked it was easy to clean cooked down quickly and we moved it with ease even with the propane tank on it. We have used it a lot and still works as well as when we first got it. We are starting to see a bit of rust on the outside but nothing big to change my opinion. Performance Quick EASY BBQ heats fast. Cooks quickly. Ease of Use No issues. Nothing is to heavy to lift or drag around. Ease of Cleaning Grates clean with ease. And have had to trouble keeping ant part looking good. Durability Besides small amounts of rust on the outside, the BBQ still looks new. Design I think char broil put time into making a BBQ great for small spaces. Also a BBQ that is light weight enough people with disabilities can cook and entertain without a struggle.


North Bend, WA


Char-broil T-Frame Grill


The Char-broil T-Frame Grill is not the most sophisticated grill available. However, for the price, it works well and grills food quite well. Performance The Char-broil T-Frame Grill performs well in grilling steaks, burgers, brats, fish and other seafood, and even a few pizzas I have tried. I usually only use the burners on one side when grilling - if I use both, things cook too fast - I go by the adage: low and slow, and always have great results. Versatility The grill is as versatile as most grills I would assume. It can be used to grill most things, except for a full size turkey - don't think there would be room for something of that size. Ease of Use The Char-broil T-Frame Grill has an electric start which,so far, has worked well. I have had trouble with this feature on the same model in the past. Ease of Cleaning Cleaning the grill isn't a favorite of mine, but it cleans about as easily as most like grills. Isn't it time that a self-cleaning grill comes along? Durability The Char-broil T-Frame Grill is fairly durable. I anticipate that it will last 2-3 years like the others I've owned. The first area to deteriorate is the burner unit, which tends to rust out and literally fall apart. Design The design works well for simple, family grilling needs.


Menasha, WI


Char-Broil T-Frame Natural Gas Grill

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