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Char-Broil Santa Fe 491 Charcoal Grill

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This grill is very roomy on the top and bottom


When I first went to the store too pick out the grill, told the clerk was looking for a good grill that would last a pretty good long time, and she showed me this Char-Broil Santa Fe Charchoal grill ,with 435 square feet cooking space and 2 side shelves and a built in thermometer. and it has 2 wheels too roll on with bottom shelf storage too stack the rest of youe equipment on. It has a nice style and finish, and I told her that that was wanted. There's a place for you too put your sauce and Utensils on while you are barBQueing.I hhad an outside picnic for the fourth of July and everyone in the hood was invited, We barbquedeerything on the grill all my family and neighbors really loved my grill they were asking where did I get it from and how much it was and all, It was'nt very expensive. It was a reasonable price considering all the features it had on it and all. I f you're looking for an inexpensive grill that is durable and long lasing look for this one it's great. Performance It barbques great keeps all the smoke flavor Versatility very vesatile, Ease of Use very easy too add the charcoals and light up Ease of Cleaning all you need is your gill brush and a little water Durability long lasing Design great for all your Barbque needs

Lagrange, GA


Best Grill Ever


I was given this grill as a gift and it quickly became a favorite. It is so sturdy and roomy. I have all of my family's summer parties and activities at my house and we grill about 90% of the time. I can cook most of the food on this one grill. I used to have to use two grills to get the cooking done. That took up alot of space. This is wider than most grills but takes up nowhere near the space that two grills did. This also the sturdiest grill I have ever owned. It has held up really well. I get alot of compliments on the grill (not that I have that much to do with it). Lots of people want to know where I got it or how much it costs. We're going to try to get my brother in law one this Christmas. On the down side, it does use alot of charcoal. I go through at least 50 - 75 % more than on a smaller grill. It would really be a great improvement to the grill if you could raise the coal bed up another notch or two. That would probably save on the charcoal use some for smaller meals. All in all, the best grill I've ever owned.

Cincinnati, OH


The Santa Fe charcoal grill is great for lots of food


I bought this grill after our giant weber bit the dust!!!  I loved it's size and similarities to a Santa Maria BBQ which was too expensive.  The tray that the charcoal sits on has three different heights that you can place it (four if you count just setting it on the bottom), which makes adjusting the temperature at the grill a breeze.  It is a little tricky while the coals are hot, because the handles are also hot.  My only compaint about adjusting the level of the coals is that the thin metal tray has warped from the heat.  With the Santa Maria style BBQ, you adjust the height of the grill with a crank, which is why it costs more, but it doesn't have the added benefit of the cover.  The other benefit is the side access for stoking the fire, with out having to remove the grill. The capacity of this single grill BBQ is great, and the depth of the charcoal area allows for the use of oak.  If you buy this item, definitely invest in a good cover.  I went cheap and once it ripped, I didn't get a new one.  The wood side shelfs are a little worse for the wear from being out in the elements, but I am surprised at how well the grill itself has held up to my abuse!!!

Atascadero, CA


Love it!


I do not have the model number on our Char-broil grill but we really do like ours.  It does a great job of grilling anything you may wish to put on it.  We have had many other grills but this one is the best that we have had.  Have no complaints on it - only good comments.

Enid, OK


best & easiest grill I have ever had


this is the fastest & easiest to heat I have ever had, it lights up fast, uses little propane, is ready to grill the food in 5 minutes, cooks very evenly, easy to clean. I have always had charcoal grills because I like the taste better but this one has wonderfulk flavor and is awesome

Monrovia, CA


Char-Broil Santa Fe 491 Charcoal Grill

4.8 5