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Char-Broil Quickset Propane Grill

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I love my Char-Broil


We bought this grill about 4-5 years ago because it was inexpensive and with the intention of just using it for a cookout/family reunion we were having. We used it that weekend, cooking everything from steak, chicken to oysters and it performed wonderfully. Well 5 years later it still is going strong!! We don't use it everyday in the summer but about 2 days out of the week. We have even cooked our turkey for thanksgiving on it!! The starter is a little cranky sometimes,. but we just hit the button a couple of times and then it starts (even my neighbor who has a big fancy grill steel grill has problems starting his grill sometimes). The two things I don't like is:1, it did not come with bricks *they tend to be pricey) and when we add flavored wood, the grill doesn't heat as well. 2. It is not easy to clean, the inside coating is hard to get grease off of. Not a bad grill if you want a inexpensive way to grill for the family without the bells and whistles, this grill is as plain as they come!!

Pasadena, MD


I love this grill!


When I got my grill 5 years ago I was going for one thing: Cheap. At the time I'd never owned a grill before and wasn't sure how much I was going to be grilling outside, so I didn't want to invest a ton of money. I was working at Wal-Mart and so I used my employee discount to buy this little grill. And I have to say that this grill has proved itself time and again. This grill has blown off of my deck no less than 15 times in the last five years (really windy area, made mistake of buying grill cover that then acted as a sail, etc.). It has been tweaked a bit rolling off of the deck, but it never fails to fire up and even my father-in-law who is an avid griller was impressed with how well the little grill heated evenly and cooked things well. My grill, due to the lack of a grill cover (wind and all) has finally started to rust out this year and is finally getting to the point where I'm going to have to replace it. I was going to buy another grill just like my old one, but have noticed a considerable drop in quality in the new model (the medal is thinner, the firing controls don't seem as sturdy, etc), so I'm probably going to upgrade to a Brinkman this time around. But, I have to say, that for 69.00 after employee discount my little Char Broil truly was the "little grill that could" and will be soley missed around here.

Wasilla, AK


Not worth the mondy!


I bought my grill and within about 8 months of use, the electronic starter died. I did contact the company and they were not willing to make good on replacing the part or replacing the grill. Of course it was too long of a time to take it back to the store where I had purchased the grill. I would almost understand the starter going out if I had used the grill frequently. However, I only used my grill on average of about 3 times a month. I always kept in covered in an enclosed patio, where the elements could not cause damage. When it was working, it cooked fairly well. As long as you centered steaks and stuff directly over the middle, where the flames were, it was ok. But if you had items on the far edges, more away from the flame, it did not maintain adequate heat to properly cook items. I really wish I had went with another brand! The old gril I replaced this one with lasted for many years. I am totally disappointed with this one.

Jacksonville, FL


Char-Broil cooks right & lasts long.


I have had my Char-Broil for as long as me & my wife have been married, I think it was a wedding gift. It manage to get no damage when we had our house fire and though it is looking like this year may be it last year it has done a great job and has lasted a good long time. Not that a truly prefer gas grills over charcoal because after I put hot sauce on my food I can't tell the difference. I only use gas more becuase it is cheaper, I only need 2 fill ups of propane a year. Charcoal seems likes I go through at least 10 bags and I buy easy light stuff so I do not have to waste money on lighter fluid. My wife prefers charcoal but does not complain much about me just using gas this year since the charcoal grill is no longer usuable. I think she just likes the food cooked outside. Probably because she is not the one standing outside in the heat and humidity next to a burning hot grill making sure the food is cooked right. Since this one is almost done, I wonder if they sell a grill that can can do both charcoal & gas. All you need is a little divide in the middle and one half could be gas & the other charcoal. That would work for me.

Suffolk, VA


Charbroil grill good value


We purchased this Charbroil propane grill several years ago and it is still working well. It is pretty consistent in its cooking considering its value price. There are two platforms on either side to be used for placing food and utensils. There are also hooks on at least one of the platforms where you can hang grill tools. The platforms could be a little bigger, as you can only fit about one big plate on each of them. The grill is easy to change the propane tank, though we did have an issue with leakage for awhile. I am not sure what my husband did to fix it, though. I find the grill very hard to clean. I have used several types of grill cleaner and a metal brush, but it just is difficult to get the residue off.

Lodi, WI


Not impressed for the Char-Broil brand


My husband and I bought our Char-Broil grill about 3 years ago. We did a lot of research on which grill to buy and decided on a Char-Broil because there were so many good reviews out there (compared to other brands). However, we have been less than impressed with our particular grill - maybe we just got a lemon, but here is our experience. Our grill has an ignition button, but hasn't worked in about 1 year. My husband has to turn the gas on and light the grill from a hole in the side of the grill, but we have to be careful not to let the gas be on for too long before you light it in the hole or you could lose your eyebrows! Also, my husband has to line the meat on the outside of the grill area because if he puts it directly in the middle (over the burners) it burns the food - even when we have it on low! Long story short, our experience has not been pleasant with our Char-Broil and will get another brand VERY soon!

Keller, TX


Char-Broil Quickset Propane Grill

3.3 6