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Char-Broil Front Avenue Series Gas Grill

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Char-Broil Commercial Series #463242304 is great for home use!


The Char-Broil Commercial Series Model 463242304 is great for everyday use. I purchased this grill and assembled it myself. It took me a little while because I had never attempted an assembly like this, but with the easy to follow step-by-step instruction guide and the easily identified parts, I did it. And no left-over parts! Once it was assembled, the fun began. I have used this grill almost daily for two years now. I grill everything, from steak to fruit to breads. The flame control and large cooking area make it possible for me to fix an entire meal at one time on the grill. I have cooked beef, pork, chicken, turkey, shrimp, fish, and lamb. Veggies have been cooked on skewers, directly on the grill (try fennel grilled this way), wrapped in foil, in a stri fry wok, in a basket, and in a pot on the side burner. I have grilled bread, pound cake, and tortillas. There is nothing this grill won't allow you cook. And the clean-up is simple. I would buy this grill as a gift for anyone!It is the best grill I have ever owned.

Acworth, GA


A grill that I can use


We had our previous grill for about 6 years, my husband was the only one who ever used it, I just could not figure it out for the life of me. We finally got a new one & chose this model. I LOVE it, and I can actually use it!! It's so easy to use, cooks great & I love that I can cook someone thing on the side eye as well. My husband works late hours, so we can't wait  for him to get home to grill, it would be too late. With this grill I can do the grilling, so we don't have to utuilize weekedns for grilling. I love the easy ignition switch. Our old grill had to be lit with a lighter, which terrified me. This one, you just turn on the propane, turn the burner knobs on & push a switch. Nothing scary about it at all!! This grill cooks very well & evenly. I have cooked numerous things from burgers & hotdogs to steaks, chicken etc. Everything cooks through & evenly & tastes delicous. This grill is a GREAT buy!!!!

Muscle Shoals, AL


Looks good dangerous performance


I Purchased a charbroil Commercial Series Stainless Grill from  reputable big box store. The grill is impressive to look at! I did enjoy using it and it cooked well. Two years after ownership I was grilling steaks and my wife noticed lots of smoke. I ran out and was able to see an out of control fire beneath the lid. I grabbed a hose and began soaking. After extinguishing and turning off the gas it became apparent that the carryover tubes were totally rotted out allowing an out of control gas fire in the grill. Further inspection revealed rotted material where the grates sit. Upon notifying Charbroil and sending pics as requested I go nowhere. This is a disreputable company who does not want to take ownership of a grill obviously made from the worst material available. THIS GRILL IS DANGEROUS!! DO NOT BUY

Norwalk, CT


Char-Broil Front Avenue Series Gas Grill

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