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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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It was ok for us


I filed for Chapter 13 about 4 years ago just to save my house. Was it worth it? Not for me. I ended up losing my house 2 months after we filed because my husband lost his job. It may be worth it for people to save their home but you need to have some kind of saving so things like what happened to us doesn't happen to you. I did end up getting out of debt all thanks to my parents. They got us a loan to pay off our debt so we could be debt free in order to move into the house we are in now. I never asked them to do that, they offered and of course I have to pay on the loan but it was worth it. If you are considering Chapter 13 please exercise all other options before you do. Try make sure you a little cushion before you do it so that you don't get stuck like we did.


Clifton Heights, PA


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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