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ChapStick True Shimmer - All Shades

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Finally, my lips enter the room with me


First let me say I'm not a lipstick kinda gal. I'm 47 with fair skin and freckles and I've never been able to put on lipstick without feeling silly - like I'm playing grown-up. And the darker the lipstick the sillier I feel, like my lips enter the room before I do. It's just too much of a contrast between my pale skin and bright red or pink lips. So occasionally I look for a product with a little color so my lips don't look bare. I am a regular user of the original Chapstick, so when I saw a coupon for Chapstick True Shimmer...I was intrigued. I bought the Botanical Berry which is a mauvey-pink color with glittery shimmer throughout. The chapstick feels the same as standard Chapstick on the lips; it has a nice fruity fragrance and taste (slight). It gives a touch of color and shimmer to the lips. Just right in my opinion. I love it and have since bought several more, for my purse and in the car. It makes me feel like I put effort into my appearance (without really having to!)

Sherwood, OR


No Moisture At All!


***I'm used to Chapstick being a moisturizing product, but after buying True Shimmer, I was utterly disappointed. It left my lips flaky, dry, and crazy-looking. I say crazy-looking because it left a hint of the pink color on my lips, but they were so dry that I looked like I was dehydrated. It was so unattractive!*** ***The color choices were unappealing also. They're not flattering for women of color like me. I don't usually have a hard time for colors to suit me due to the undertones in my skin, but these two colors didn't flatter me at all. They could've done a better job picking the colors to come out with than that. Pink and brown....come on!!!*** ***The only thing that I do like about this product is that it has the "shimmer" in it. It does has a nice shimmery sheen in it, but it does no good if your lips are dry and crusty after a few minutes. I would never buy this brand of Chapstick ever again. I would rather use Vaseline and apply the shimmer myself.***

Detroit, MI


It has great flavor but I would have liked more shimmer.


I picked up the True Shimmer Berry flavor because it was priced very reasonable, and to keep at my desk to use as the day goes by.  Overall, the berry flavor is good, but I don't think there's enough shimmer.  I could just be dissapointed because I was hoping to replace lipstick, but this is good for just keeping my lips moist.

Houston, TX


Love it. Color is just enough and it smells great


I absolutely love ChapStick True Shimmer lip balms. I am addicted to buying new lip balms, glosses etc so of course I had to buy this product. I love the pink one. It smells so good and the color is just right for a tinted lip balm. It isn't like some other products where you don't actually see any color. It has a good strong hint of color with a bit of shimmer to it. It is perfect for on being on the go during the day. The coconut one is lovely for the summer. I tend to wear that one when I am off to the beach. The pink one though comes absolutely everywhere with me. One of the main reasons why I am so fond of the ChapStick True Shimmer lip balms is that they feel so light. There is nothing worse than putting on a lip balm and it feeling greasy so this product is perfect. It wouldn't be for really dry lips but for normal healthy lips it would be perfect. I most definitely recommend this product. Love it!

Manvel, TX


Chapstick True Shimmer is great for a quick color.


My "beauty regimen" consists of a face lotion with SPF, a few dabs of concealer, mascara, and something on the lips. I prefer a lighter color on my lips since I am really bad about re-applying throughout the day, even though I should really learn to do this. Tinted chapsticks are usually best for me. The corners of my mouth break out when I use most lip glosses and my lipsticks just do not last as long as I need them to for everyday wear. So, I was thrilled when ChapStick True Shimmer came out because many balms do not have a wide range of colors. I like that it adds a bit of sparkle and color, but not too much of either. And I love that I can put it on without looking in a mirror. There are, however, two drawbacks. The first is about lip coverage in general. I find that sometimes the more I use, the more dry my lips become. There is a biological reason for this. When you put something on your lips that adds moisture in any way, your lips send a false signal to your brain that says that you have enough hydration there. So, in turn, your brain does not send any internal moisture to the lips. So, my main bit of advice is to take a sip of water and then apply your lip coverage so that it will seal in that water and reduce chappiness. But this is not why I rated 4 stars instead of 5. The reason I did not give a 5 to this product is becasue it tastes like Strawberry.  I know many peopl like this attribute, but I just don't. I'd rather there not be a flavor so that I don't have to smeel or smell like strawberry every time I put it on. Ptherwise, I like what this does for the look of my lips.

Los Angeles, CA


Awesome checkout impulse buy


    So I am standing in line at the store waiting to check out and i'm looking at all the stuff they always have layed out for your impulse buying pleasure. I noticed this new product called Chapstick True Shimmer. I was thinking it was probably crap since it only costed about 2.00. But, I am always into trying new lipbalms, glosses, etc.. so I got it anyway. And I Love IT! Here are some reasons why:                                                                                                                             -It smells great. I got the botanical berry and the smell makes me want to dink a                        smoothie.                                                                                                                                   -It goes on very smooth and doesn't feel super heavy.                                                                -It makes my lips super smooth and sexy.                                                                                   -It has a little color and shine for those who love having smooth healthy sexy lips.            Anyway, I'm very happy that I bought it. It's great. And I have to admit that if it hadn't been right there in my face I probably would have chosen a more complicated and expensive balm. But, I'm really glad that I got this one.                                                                                                         

Nashville, TN


ChapStick True Shimmer - All Shades

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