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ChapStick Fresh Effects - Invigorating Green Tea Mint

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ChapStick Fresh Effects is a miracle


I frequently have chapped and sometimes bleeding lips in the winter, and this chapstick is really helpful in healing my lips quickly. It's not very sticky, and I like the subtle soothing smell. This is more expensive than the regular chapstick, but I feel that it's worth the money. There is a buttery feel to this chapstick that makes it glide onto the lips easily without be sticky and doesn't dry out quickly. It does need to be reapplied throughout the day, but doing so is easy. I don't have to worry about getting it into my mouth, and my lips don't feel waxy or strange after putting it on. The chapstick is effective in healing my sore lips overall, but even during the process, my lips felt less vulnerable to the cold every time I apply the chapstick. The tube is guaranteed to last throughout winter and is a bargain for its effectiveness and how long it lasts. My lips look better overall, and there is a kind of sheen present after I apply it. This product is perfect for everyone; it does a perfect job as a moisturizing chapstick and does not come with glitter or other things that could cause irritation.


Seattle, WA


LOVE the tingly sensation of ChapStick Fresh Effects!


I picked up the ChapStick Fresh Effects - Invigorating Green Tea Mint when I saw it in the clearance section of a drugstore I happened to be shopping at. I did not hear any reviews about this chapstick previously, but I found the green tea mint variation to be extremely appealing. I figured that I could not go too wrong with a chapstick, so I bought it. I am glad that I did because I ended up being super pleased with this chapstick. Actually, it turned out to be my current favorite lip balm, and I have been carrying it everywhere with me. The scent of the chapstick is true to what it claims: a refreshing green tea mint. What I love about the chapstick the most is the almost instantaneous cooling sensation that I get after applying it on my lips. Personally, I love the tingly sensation, but I can see how others might not like it too much because it is on a bit strong. Other than that, the chapstick is very moisturizing and pretty long lasting. The only thing that would make this chapstick even better is if it had some sort of SPF.


Anaheim, CA


I love Chapstick Fresh Effects!


I tried this out on a whim one day. I'm not a real fan of the Burts Bees lip balm, although many of my friends are. I found it too hard to apply, too waxy, and the peppermint oil felt much too strong for my liking. This wasn't really a problem with Chapstick Fresh Effects, however. Like the product name implies, the product gives off a cool, tingly, minty feel when applied. It goes on very smoothly--not waxy like the traditional petrolatum-based Chapstick products--kind of like the Chapstick Lip Butter that I really like. I don't detect much of a green tea flavor, however. The lip balm lasts pretty long on my lips, and Idon't have to reapply it often, even if it's been a while since it's faded away from my lips (it's that moisturizing!). Although it feels like a little much to use this when my lips are just a tiny bit dry, I love using this product when my lips start feeling pretty uncomfortable. I highly recommend this product!


Harpers Ferry, WV


Fresh Effects - tingles, moisturizes and nourishes.


 Fresh Effects Invigorating Green Tea Mint says it tingles, moisturizes and nourishes.  - Yes, it does !     Applied night and day, I am still loving this so much that I think I need another already. I have used the same medicated lip balm for about 15 years, and when I started having difficulty finding what I was used to, I knew it was time to try something new.  Chapstick is a tried and true brand name when it comes to lip balms but I knew from past experiences that I really wasn't fond of their original flavors and types.  The health kick has gone as far as influencing the lip balm makers.  Green Tea is such a popular flavor now for everything and the natural fit with Chapsticks new line of Fresh Effects seemed perfect.  I wanted to give it a try and I am so glad I did.  The effect (tingle) is similar to the medicated lip balm that I am used to, but the Green Tea provides a cleaner, lighter, cooler taste to it instead of the heavy menthol or medicated taste of others.  The moisturizing ability seems to be more also, instead of the waxy feel on top of the lips, it seems to soak in a bit just leaving a thin protective layer but not leaving the lipstick wax feel.  Nourishes, well I am guessing on this, but the deeper moisture seems to make them feel better before, during and after it has been applied.  Of course now that I don't feel like my lips need the lip balm applied as often, I have found a chapstick that I want to have on all the time.    Only thing, not sure if it has any SPF protection, if it does I did not notice anything to verify that.    


Tahlequah, OK


I love this chapstick


I get chaped lips easy i tried the yellow stuff but the smell and the feeling of it on my lips i didn't like it. I found this and its a stick so that is better then the push out things or the using the finger thing, it goes on non grease and it don't have an odor, you can tell right away its working.


Franklinville, NC


ChapStick Fresh Effects - Invigorating Green Tea Mint

5.0 5