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Chantal 9.5-inch Deep Pie Dish

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A durable pie pan that looks impressive too!


I got this deep dish pie pan in blue as a gift, and it was a really wonderful and useful present. I had never owned a regular pie pan before, so I was surprised by how much I used this pan. The nice thing is that while you might have fruit piled to the top, it condenses when baked, so even a deep dish pie isn't that large. I also found that this dish prevents my crumbles from spilling over the top. Admittedly, since this dish is ceramic, it can break. It is sturdy enough that it really doesn't crack on its own. But my mom dropped it on the floor and it completely shattered. She was sweet to buy me a knew one - exactly the same - since she knew how much I love this pie pan!


Chicago, IL


Beautiful, durable pie plate!!


There used to be an outlet store that carried Chantal products. Prior to that, I had never heard of this brand. I have several of these deep dish pie plates and they perform amazingly well. They are freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. The colors I have are a terra cotta orange and purple. The glaze on these pie plates is a very high quality, durable glaze, so they continue to look brand new years later. My pie plates have a matte finish as opposed to the shiny finish and I am partial to that look. These pie plates get a lot of usage around the holiday season as that is about the only time I do a lot of baking. I appreciate the fact that these pie plates are so pretty because they look right at home when placed in the middle of a beautifully set table. I have Fiesta dinnerware and these pie plates fit right in. I am not sure where Chantal can be purchased in regular retail stores, but Chantal can be googled and bought online from many retailers. I highly recommend these beautiful, functional, durable pie plates.


SmallTown, TX


Chantal 9.5-inch Deep Pie Dish

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