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Chanel Lipstick - All Products

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I never leave home without my lipstick, these are great!


This is a great product I love it. The color goes on more sheer than they appear, so don't be shy with the darker colors. Wears well without drying the lips out. Has a nice fragrance as well. Beautiful, deep colors that you won't find anywhere else. Beautiful reds and browns, never overpowering.

Millersville, MD


Doesn't Melt, But Doesn't Last


The colors available are good, rich shades that really set them apart from drugstore brands. Probably the bast quality that I have seen is that the Chanels don't melt if left in hot temperatures. I often leave my lipsticks in the car, and during the summer months that can result in a half-melted lipstick. The Chanel lipstick, however, will get small oil beads but won't melt or change shape. The only real problem with the lipstick is that the color just doesn't last. It's great color for a little while, but it doesn't last any longer than drugstore brands. If you eat something, it's gone. Trying to set it with powder doesn't work very well and doesn't add much time to the color. I use the Chanel lipstick to take pictures in because the colors are great, but for everyday it's a little too expensive since it doesn't last any longer than any other lipstick. The bottom line is, it's pretty, but take it with you to reapply it often.

Madison, AL




Hi Guys--were talking lipstick here--if you've never tried channel lipstick then you want know the smell that is associated with it.  You'll know you're trying it on every time by this sensor. Also how it smoothes on the lips and how it tastes are other identifying factors.  It comes in an array of colors and different formulas for those who like shine or lip gloss. I have this problem with it running eventually down my chin and stay in the creases of my lips..  

Northport, AL


Chanel Lipstick - All Products

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