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Chamberlain Security Plus Garage Door Opener

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Great Value For the Money


I researched garage door openers for a few weeks before deciding to purchase a Chamberlain.  The Genie that was being replaced lasted 15 years, so I was initially tempted to stay with that brand.  I wanted to avoid a chain driven model due to the noise that is generated.  The Chamberlain was on sale at an incredible price so I opted for it.  Installation was easy up to a certain point.  I assembled and installed about 85% of the components.  I eventually had to pay a handyman for 30 minutes of work to finish the job. The unit came with 2 remotes as well as an outdoor panel.  I highly recommend purchasing a garage door opener with the outdoor panel.  It is nice to have the keyless option after hiking and running. The whisper drive is pretty much as advertised.  It does not reverberate nearly as much as the original chain driven model. All in all, I am extremely pleased with the unit, the ease of operation, and the price i paid.  

San Marcos, CA


I'm very unhappy with the Chamberlain garage door opener.


We've had this house for three years and the Chamberlain garage door opener has never performed properly. Right now it's very cranky and the remote opener opens it but won't close it. I read the owner's manual and must not understand the problem. I followed all the suggestions for fixing it and it doesn't help.

Squaw Valley, CA


Very quiet


I purchased the Chamberlain 248754 Whisper Drive as it is the only available model with a 3/4 hp motor.  Having gone thru 2 other garage door openers in the past 15 years, I was tired of replacing them.    I was plesently pleased to discover that it was by far the easiest opener I have ever installed.  In terms or of operation, VERY QUIET -- don't know if I will here the garage door opens now when the teenagers come home at night. ;-)

Omaha, NE


Chamberlain Security Plus Garage Door Opener

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