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Chalene Extreme

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WOW! Chalene Extreme is an extreme and enjoyable workout.


When I first began doing the Turbo Jam dvds I fell in love with them.  Then along came the next level with Chalene Extreme.  I was not sure how well I could handle a workout with weights but was willing to give it a try.  Boy, am I glad I did.  Chalene Extreme is a series of workouts, 10 of them divided into several dvds.  You have a program to follow as far as the workouts.  You workout to the specific workout, most of them 30-45 min in length.  As you follow the program you lift heavier weights each week as you repeat the specific workout.  The farther into the program you get ( it is a 90 day program) the more strength you find.  You notice your ability to lift more and last longer without getting worn out.  The system states that "Muscle Burns Fat" and as far as I can tell it really works.  No bulking up and you get lean muscle.  You work hard but it is not hard movements.  Everything is slow and controlled.  You really work those muscles.Go ahead give it a shot.  It cost a little bit for the program but it is well worth it.   

Princeton, IN


Chalene Extreme

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