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ChaLEAN Extreme

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If you want to get in shape fast, ChaLEAN extreme is what to do


I have always tried to lose weight by cutting down calories, starving myself, taking diet pills, going to the doctor to get weight loss drugs and any type of weight loss method known to man. I heard about beachbodys programs from my boyfriend who introduced me to ChaLEAN Extreme. I have been working out with this program for a short time but I have already seen a difference in my body. The workouts target different body parts and they are exceptional. I will not say that they aren't hard, because I don't think a weight loss program should be easy.. especially if it is suppose to work. I will tell you now, this workout is not for just anyone. You have to be able to push yourself, and not willing to give up. It will kick your butt!!! Each workout last about 30-45 minutes and your done for the day. Thats not long if you ask me. The dvd has about 11 different workouts included in it seperated into 3 months. It is a 90 day program, and by the 90th day, you will have the body that you have never had. I abolutely love this program and I will never use anything but this. I would recommed this program to anyone and everyone that is wanting to lose weight. If anyone is interested in trying out this program or any of the other fantastic programs from beachbody, go to www.beachbodycoach.com/lindsey25. This is where you can purchase the ChaLEAN extreme program and where you can begin your transformation. I personally know that it works and if you want to change your life forever, you will not pass up this great opportunity. I know that if I can do it, anyone can do it. Do it for your health!

Palestine, TX


ChaLEAN Extreme great results in a doable time frame


**ChaLEAN Extreme** is a 90 day program that incorporates heavy weights, high intensity aerobics, and a meal plan to help melt fat and create a tight body. The program is broken into three phases: Burn, Push, and Lean. Each phase lasts thirty days and consists of three days of weight training, one day or aerobics and abs, and one day of aerobics and stretching, and two rest days. The workouts average forty minutes each (some are shorter and some longer). The equipment necessary is various size weights (or different resistance bands) and a thigh toner (exercise band tied in a loop). The music isn't the greatest but you'll be too busy concentrating on the hard work to even worry about the music. There is a modifier in every workout that shows you how to do things easier or lower impact. I followed just the workouts and not the eating plan and dropped a whole size in the nintey days. My butt and chest are higher and firmer, too. I loved that there are two rest days every week. I am sure you would see even better results if you watched what you ate while following the plan since nutrition is really eighty percent of weight loss.     

National Park, NJ




I L-O-V-E ChaLean Extreme! I am in month 3 (the lean phase). I've lost about 12 pounds since I started, I have lost inches, I have gained so much muscle, I feel strong, I feel great, I feel amazing. In the workouts, she focuses on lifting heavy weight, less reps. The workouts go by so fast and it doesn't feel as long as it is. Many of the workouts are only 35 minutes long, but it's a great workout. There is also a timer in the corner so you know exactly how much time you have left. I never thought I would enjoy lifting weights so much. Her cardio workouts are tough. I don't enjoy them as much, but I definitely feel like I've accomplished something when I finish them. Chalene Johnson is really fun, really motivating, really energetic. She also really focuses on good form. For those people who say they injure themselves, then they're doing it wrong. It's a great workout and I totally recommend it. Cons: it is a bit expensive. You do need equipment, which can be expensive, but they have an option of using resistance bands, which is a lot cheaper and still works well. Great workout program!

Memphis, TN


ChaLEAN Extreme-Muscle Really Does Burn Fat


This program is amazing. I never knew I could lift so heavy and not bulk up. If you are looking to drop pounds and get long lean muscles, this is the program for you. I've always been "soft" but I can already see shoulder muscles sculpting, and I haven't even finished the program.

Cordova, TN


I think I hurt my knees from this workout.


Chalene Johnson is a very entertaining individual that leads you on a 90 day to 120 day program which she boldly guarantees will produce great results.  She leads a team of individuals that rotate through heavy weight training exercises.  She is a very interesting individual, I read her blog often, she can be very entertaining, and she will push you to get extreme. In the commercial on the beachbody.com home page they warn you the program is about going high on weights. It comes with the resistance bands. I like the resistance bands, but she pushes you to purchase her bowflex select tech dumbbells to get faster results and allow you to go to 7.5 pound weights. She is in ridiculous shape as is her team.  The trainer that uses the wire later on is more advanced, so you get a better workout. I used 5 pound dumbbells but got very sore.  When I moved to 10 pound weights, which I never throught I would lift, I no longer felt sore.  I recommend using the wires over the weights.  She pushes you and says "go heavy or go home".  I understand it means if you can't lift heavier it means you are working out too hard and you need to take a break. I hurt my knees on level three during exercise 2.  Some of her exercises are too intense for me so I skipped out.  I knew the injury was coming, but it is the first time I have injured my knees.  Although my clothes fit and I seemed to finally start coming back to my size, you will gain weight because you will build muscle, so the scale is not your friend.  Her recipes are also high in carbs and protein, and therefore you will gain weight because you are eating more to compensate for the strenuous activity. I lost weight when I stopped working out and my body had time to calm down. The level three cds are in my view dangerous.  Some of the workouts are entertaining.  She gives you a home video on eating well and introduces her family.  She is supportive in varying recipes and in adding her comedy sketch. She has a woman that looks like Brooke Shields and she has women that are in unbelievable shape in her films.  The videos push you to go online.  They show a lot of commercials for other Beachbody products.  Her workouts can be either exciting or difficult.  She has an audio cd which recommends walking alot. I found lifting heavier weights easier than lifting lighter weights.  No pain with resistance bands.  Her knee work is difficult and mentions to keep your knees as long as possible, hinting she thinks your knees will give out.  Her method is Sex and the City meets the gym so you feel like you have a real network of women.  She discusses working out every day and can sometimes be sarcastic.  She mentions working out on a carpet may be easier.  At first I was kind of scared at how in great shape these women were, but my view changed once I got into it.  I did gain weight, however, and the results I was expecting were slow.  You do bulk up (watch dvd 3) which I thought would really never happen.  The arm workout methods are similar to designing Cameron Diaz's arms. Her method is to gain as much muscle as possible to burn fat.  You will gain weight. Be careful, some workouts may not be safe.

Livingston, NJ


ChaLEAN Extreme

4.6 5