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Flea & Tick Treatments
Certifect For Dogs - 45-88 Lbs, 3 Month Supply

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In the deep woods we rely on Certifect for our dogs.


Just ask our dogs, we here in the deep woods rely on Certifect flea/tick drops. Fleas and ticks are a major major problem this year , at least here where we live. Was having an extremely difficult start this year controlling fleas and ticks till we came across this new Certifect flea and tick drops by the makers of Frontline. Quality of Ingredients Our dogs come in and out of our home, two are 75 % fulltime indoor lapdogs and about 25% outdoor, one is 40% indoors and 60% outdoors, one is 80% outdoors and 20% indoors, the fifth one is 95% outdoor and 5 % indoor, plus we have 7 fulltime outdoor cats. We also live in the deep woods, with lots of wildlife and many many bugs, especially fleas and ticks an mosquitos. This is the best we have come across so far. Side Effects none, except on collie breeds it is not to be used, (collie's , blue heelers,, etc.) Can kill collie breeds, they can have a reaction to it, do not use on this breed line, all other breed lines are fine as far as i know, we have chihuahua, lab, brindle pit, terriere, and ? and it hasn't hurt any of them. Works great

Monticello, KY


Certifect For Dogs - 45-88 Lbs, 3 Month Supply

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