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Cepacol Ultra Sore Throat Spray

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Cepacol Dual Relief Concentrates on Sore Throat and Cough Relief


Sore throat spray is essential when sore throat pain reaches unbearable levels, but the frustrating fact is that most sprays (and lozenges, for that matter) are not very effective and are often short- lasting. However, there is one product that is better than most and provides more concentrated relief. The product is **Cepacol Dual Relief Spray** **Medicine Commentary:** Cepacol Dual Relief Spray contains Benzocaine USP (5%) and Glycerin (33%) as its active ingredients and unlike other sore throat medications, Cepacol does more than just numb the throat- it also relieves coughing; hence the "dual" in the product name. I have been using different sore throat sprays for decades but among the different cold remedy products, I find that, as a whole, sore throat sprays are among the least effective, mainly due to their tendency to numb areas other than those desired and for the short duration of the relief. But Cepacol Dual Relief Spray is different. It grabs sore throat pain by the horns and numbs it to the best of its ability. It takes only a single spray to do the trick and the throat remains numb for a good deal of time. Cepacol Dual Relief Spray is sugar free and not only easy to take, it even has a directional sprayer to better target the pain. We have all experienced the annoyance of regular throat spray- you know, its tendency to spray too much in the mouth and numb more of the mouth than the throat. This problem is mostly eliminated with Cepacol Dual Relief Spray. It can be aimed more directly at the throat so that less is used and the throat ends up numb, not the mouth. **Bottom- Line Viewpoint:** ** ** Sore throats can be awful, but Cepacol Dual Relief Spray is ready to control the pain to the best of its ability, stop your coughing, and help you go about your day. It is better than chloraseptic and other popular brands and costs less than most. Add everything together and you have a product that is certainly worthy of a try. Cough Suppression Helps soothe the trhoat to lesson the instance fo coughing

Houston, TX


Cepacol throat spray - the best


I have always prone to sore throats all my life. I have tried everything but nothing is as good or as efective as Cepacol Dual Relief Throat Spray. In the past I have used regular Cepacol Throat Spray for sore throat pain. I decided to try this since I was totally confident in the product- I have been using it for ten to fifteen years. Another excellent thing about this product is that it is extremely compact. This small spray bottle can actually fit in a backpack or any kind of coat pocket with room to spare, and it doesn't even get in the way or feel buldgey. It goes a long way too - one bottle of the stuff lasts a great long while. The numbing is instantaneous and the throat is instantly soothed. It is extremely cost effective for the money you spend on getting rid of those pesky sore throat pains. It also seems to help prevent coughing fits, since that tickle gets numbed by the spray. All it takes is two sprays and the pain is gone. Buy it today!

Brooklyn, NY


Numbs and Soothes a Sore Throat while Supressing Coughs


After suffering with a sore throat for many days I broke down and wandered into the drug store looking for relief.  I found it in the form of  a new spray made by Cepacol.  The **Cherry flavored Cepacol dual relief spray** is just what the doctor ordered!  With one spray my throat was numbed and soothed.  It continued to suppress the irritated cough for four hours.  What a relief!The spray contains Benzocaine to anesthetize and Dextromethorphan hydrobromide to suppress coughing and has an added ingredient of Glycerin to help moisten and soothe the throat.The handy pocket size spray has a guard on the nozzle to keep it from accidentally spraying and to protect the nozzle from getting dirty.  When ready to use simply remove the guard, aim and spray two times for maximum relief.  This sugar free product is a must if you are suffering with a sore throat.  One .68 fl. oz. bottle contains 50 doses.  At four hours per dose that is 200 hours of relief from the pain of a sore throat.  I give praise to the person who invented this product as I will be forever grateful.Along with the spray I purchased [Cepacol Sore Throat & Cough Relief lozenges][1] . [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Cepacol-Sore-Throat-amp-Cough-Relief-review-3ebf3

Northern, FL


Cepacol Ultra Sore Throat Spray

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