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Sore Throat Relief
Cepacol Cooling Sensations Throat Lozenges - Ice Cool

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Cepacol Sensations- Stops that "tickle" cough


Have you ever been out to see a movie and oh, no- a tickle in your throat? Last time that happened to me I was lucky to have a pack of Cepacol Sensations in my purse. The cooling sensation of this throat lozenge stopped my cough fast. You will be able to notice your throat feeling smoother and less irratated after only a few minutes. The taste is not overpowering and no strong aftertaste. For the rest of the winter I am not going to be caught out in public without Cepacol Sensations Cooling throat lozenges. You can just never tell when the dry over heated air is going to make you start in with an annoying tickle cough. This is a perfect product for winter.

Marion, NY


Cepacol Cooling Sensations Throat Lozenges - Ice Cool

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