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Cellucor Super HD Weight Loss Dietary Supplement

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Not that effective of a product.


I have not really tried many weight loss supplements before and when I decided that I would, I read up on the various ones that are around. Stimulants generally don't have that large of an effect on me, yet I still did not want something that made me very jittery. This product sold itself as something that made you feel good, provided energy and focus, while at the same time did not have the negative effects of a stimulant. There were 60 capsules in the one that I purchased, and it is suggested not to exceed 3 capsules a day. As such I took 2 every day for about a month, never taking more and occasionally taking one. I felt very little from this supplement. There were no "mood" changes or increase in focus. I am generally a very focused individual so perhaps it could have been that. On the positives, I did not feel jittery on this either. I did not feel as if I had stimulants in my system. However I did not lose any weight. The product had no effect on me, it was as if I had taken a placebo pill. I worked out more than usual, and I had hoped this would help but it did not. Maybe the supplement just doesn't work for me, I can't say for sure. Effectiveness The product had very little effect on me. It might as well have been a placebo pill. Side Effects I did not feel any side effects.



Cellucor Super HD Weight Loss Dietary Supplement

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