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Motorola cell phones possess "time-proven" quality.


I have been using a Motorola i2000 cell phone on the Nextel network for around 10 years.  It may be old, but it is International capable, reliable, and simple to use.  Quality stands the test of time!

Dallas, TX


Everything you need for a basic cell phone


I am a big fan of Motorola although unfortunately, my phone carrier mostly offers Nokia models. Anyway this phone got everything you wanted for a phone especially that if you are a big time caller. Well, when I say everything not really having GPRS for internet connection and such. This is a phone.

Fayetteville, NC


My Motorola GoPhone is the best w/ outstanking service.


       I am a first time cell phone user. I couldn't have chosen a better phone to become acquainted with cell phone use. I bought a Motorola Go Phone from Walmart. It comes with two very helpful manuals that explain the product. I can also dial 611 free for information. That was invaluable while learning how to use my new phone! The personnel on the other end were most patient with me. They clearly explained what I needed to do to accomplish what I wanted. I use my phone daily, especially to text message people. This is a much cheaper way of communicating. It costs 15 cents to text a person as opposed to 25 cents to place a call. Learning to text is tricky but in no time at all, one can become proficient at it.

Covington, KY


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