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Celestial Seasonings
Celestial Seasonings Green Tea

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Great For Weight-Loss


I have at least three cups a day if not more of Celestial Seasonings Green Tea. It has helped me lose an incredible amount of weight. I drink this green tea about thirty minutes after each meal I eat to help with digestion. Celestial Seasonings Green Tea has a really nice, smooth taste compared to some other brands of green tea which tasted way too bitter for my taste.




Celestial Green Tea


I became a fan of green tea a few years ago when I saw a man on television (Dr. Phil), who had lost over one hundred pounds and he was telling the viewers how he did it in a healthy manner. He said that between meals he would drink Green Tea to curve his appetite but that's not all it does, it cleanses out anti-oxidants as well. I buy it all the time now and have tried several brands but Celestial is one of the best. It comes in many different flavors and unlike some brands that I have tried, it does not leave a bitter or after taste in your mouth. Generally, Green Tea is not expensive to buy so to spend a little extra to get a great product is well worth it. Since I have been drinking it, I have been able to maintain a healthy weight and now I make a cup of tea when I feel like putting food in my mouth in between meals. You can also Google the benefits of green tea and it will tell you how good it is for you. Celestial is a great brand.


Daytona Beach, FL




I love all of Celestial Seasonings teas so I knew I would not be disappointed with their green tea. I drink this tea both hot and cold, depending on my mood, if I am sick, if I just need the comfort of a warm cup of tea. The price is very affordable and the amount of tea in each package is a bang for your buck.


Saint Charles, MO


A good decent cup of tea


Celestial Seasonings Green Tea is a good all purpose cup of tea. It is probably the second best tasting brand of green tea after Teekanne Herbal that is on the market. As you know green tea provided many health benefits and is a stable of many diets. I drink it plain but somtimes I add a spoonful of honey and some fresh lemon. During the summer I make a cold version of the tea by just putting some tea bags in a pot of hot water and let them steep, then I cool it down and add some fresh mint from the garden along the honey and lemon. I love tea, and sometimes I add a little fresh grated ginger to the mix to spice it up a little. I also somtimes open up two tea bags and add the contents to a herbal tea ball along with the mint and ginger so there is no mess after I take the steeping tea out of the cup. I know some people might say this is a wasted step but try it and I think you will like it. Celestial Seasonings does make other flavors, but if I can I would rather add the extra items fresh then from a dried out box.


Jersey City, NJ


great price, great taste


i usually tend to get a case with six boxes and each box has about fourty tea bogs (pretty much about one or two year supply at a time -- they are well preserve and there's no real "expiration" date on these tea bags).  another benefit is that these are decaffeinated fine green teas so you dont necessarily have to monitor your caffeine consumption with these are there is none (unlike some other green teas which sometimes have even more caffeine than a cup of coffee if you can believe that). what i love about the celestial seasonings brand of teas is that they aim to create healthy, naturally oriented products that are supposed to be GOOD for the human body and what they like to say "uplift their souls."  even cooler is that they tend to come in nice packages and not those cheesy or cheap quality ones like some of their lesser competitors.   pros: good, natural, clean tasting green herb taste.  100% percent naturally occurring ingredients and nothing bad for you in them cons: none that i can think of currently    


New York, NY


Celestial Seasonings Green Tea Tastes Out of this World!


Celestial Seasonings Green Tea tastes out of this world. I am not kidding. After tasting this tea for the first time, I knew I had to start buying it myself. I knew that green tea provided many health benefits as well. I was over a cousin's house one time, and she fixed it for us. She said her doctor had recommended her drinking some kind of green tea. "OK," I said. I asked her why and we talked about that. Seems that green tea provides a lot of health benefits and is healthier for you than regular tea. My husband, who is not a tea drinker, even started drinking this. He says it may be just his imagination, but it makes him feel better after drinking some. I personally can't tell any difference in how I feel after I drink it; maybe that's because I love tea, and I am used to tea's effects. I don't know because like I said regular tea doesn't provide the health benefits this tea does. Now Celestial Seasonings does make other flavors, but I have never tried them. Since I want the benefits of drinking green tea, this is the only kind I drink now.


Shelby, NC


love green tea and Celestial Seasonings is great


We buy quite a few Celestial Seasonings teas and have found them all to be high quality, though we didn't like the taste of a couple we tried.  Currently, we buy our regular green tea at a Chinese grocery as we can get 100 bags there for the same price we would pay for 20 bags of Celestial Seasonings brand.  The grocery store is more convenient, so, if the economy were not a factor, we probably wouldn't do that!  Nonetheless, I still drink Celestial Seasonings green tea as they have decaffeinated, and I can't handle the caffeine in regular green tea.  I drink one or two cups a day from late fall to early spring. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant.  It protects all of your cells from oxidative damage.  Some people have used it successfully to cure themselves of cancer.  Celestial Seasonings has several varieties of green tea--plain, flavored, and, luckily for me, decaffeinated.  What a delicious, relaxing way to get health benefits!


Denver, CO


Celestial Seasonings Green Tea

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