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Catbird Baby
Catbird Baby Pikkolo Baby Carrier

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The BEST! (And I've tried EVERYTHING!!)


For my first baby, I used the Baby Bjorn and a sling.  They worked just fine until my baby got to be around 15 pounds, then I had to stop wearing her or suffer through the back pain.  After that, I learned that the Baby Bjorn is not good for a baby's spine anyways.  I sold my Bjorn and began my search for the perfect carrier for baby #2.  I used  the Moby Wrap when #2 was a newborn and really liked it, but as he got heavier, I found the material too stretchy to be supportive.  So... I got a mei tai.  This was ok, but the straps were so long, it was hard to get it on without the straps dragging on the ground.  I borrowed an Ergo, but that seemed kind of bulky and my baby decided that he preferred to face forward, which he couldn't do in the Ergo.  After doing some more research, I bought a Pikkolo and have been sooooooo happy with it!!  It is mei tai inspired (without the long straps) and is quite similar to the Baby Bjorn, except much more comfortable for both mom and baby!  It has memory foam in the shoulder straps, and an adjustable waist so you can make the body narrower to allow infants to ride legs-out or older babies to face forward.  My baby is now over 16 pounds and the Pikkolo is still super comfortable.  I've even tried it out with my 3 year old in a back carry and it was suprisingly comfortable!!  It's also super convenient to get on and off and very easy to make adjustments!  I LOVE it and am selling all my other carriers!!  =)

Fuquay Varina, NC


Great carrier that will go all the way from newborn to toddler!


First of all, there are about a million reasons to wear your baby!  The best reasons for me are bonding, nursing, multitasking, less crying, and improved/early language skills.  Once you're sold on wearing your baby, ergonomic carriers are by far the most comfortable option for you and your baby.  They're better for your baby's hips (look for one where your baby's legs are supported all the way to the knee) and your back (look for one that distributes a lot of the weight to your hips instead of your shoulders). Now we've narrowed it down, but which carrier to choose?  With my daughter (who was born in Winter) I loved the Moby Wrap and then used a Kozy Carrier mei tai before switching to the Ergo when she was about 6 months.  My son was born in August, so the Moby was too hot and I looked for something else.  I got the Pikkolo instead and it has replaced *all three* of those other carriers! It goes all the way from newborn, is cooler than the Moby, requires no tying and is super comfortable for you and baby!  It also can be worn back, front and side, and is the only ergonomic carrier that can be worn in front facing out.  What else could you need? Outstanding carrier.  Can't recommend it enough.

Gilbert, AZ


Perfect Baby Carrier...NO BACK PAIN


Wanted a fabulous carrier, ran through all kinds of carrier to finally come to this one...incredible.  Been using since the day my son came home from the hospital and he will now be one in a few days.  I can still carry him just as easily as I could when he was a newborn.  So many ways to wear this carrier, even though I really only ever wear him front facing in.  So easy now that I have a 4 year old and the baby.  Don't have to loose him in the racks of clothing in the store like when he is in his stroller.  I have back issues every now and then and  have never had them from wearing him.  I wear him in this carrier even now in HEELS for hours and still have no issues.  This carrier has memory foam pads and allows you to adjust it in so many ways that it is near impossible to not be comfortable.  You can easily adjust the fit of the carrier as you are walking around in case for some reason it all of a sudden feels uneven or low or whatever.  Great great carrier, can not rave enough.

Dallas, GA


The Catbird Pikkolo Carrier is Incredible!!


The Catbird Pikkolo carrier is an amazing carrier!  I can not rave enough about it.  I have used a Bjorn style carrier...ouch on the back, a sling carrier...couldn't find the baby in it!, and a hip hammock...great, but I couldn't use it until she was old enough to ride on my hip.  With this baby (my third) I made the decision that I was going to find the perfect carrier and I did!  The Pikkolo carrier is a carrier that can be used from birth on up.  It is the only carrier that will do everything.  Newborn with no insert needed, forward facing, hood attachment for sleepers, hip carry, back carry...and you can nurse in it!!  I do use a nursing cover up over the carrier when he eats in public, but that is really for my own comfort, he can still nurse hands free.  I would also strongly reccomend this carrier to all first time baby wearers.  It is SUPER EASY to use and since you don't yet know what position your baby will like yet, you won't have to choose.  Also made of great soft but durable material with memory foam straps.  So comfy I can walk around Ikea for hours with no pain, and I have chronic low back pain.

Kennesaw, GA


Catbird Baby Pikkolo Baby Carrier

5.0 4