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Casio - Exilim EX-Z850 Digital Camera

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love my camera


i honestly love this camera. i bought it for myself to take pictures of my son when we went on vacation. it is pink just like it is pictured here. i love cameras that zoom as well. it is youtube caputure mode too. its a great camera for the price that you pay for. you can not go wrong with this camera. unless you drop the camera on the lens area. it has a video mode button, all you have to do is press on the button, and the video instantaneously starts recording. it has many features with the camera, such as black and white pictures and sepia, it focuses on many objects. it also has other modes such as, nature mode, night mode. where you can take pictures at night time, you can also disable the flash as well because sometimes the flash is not needed in some instances. its not too bulky but i did have another camera and it was a bit thinner than this one. either way i love that it is a newer camera and it is of better quality than my last one

Union City, NJ


Decent, Basic Camera


I bought this camera about two years ago so that I would have a small camera to keep in my purse.  There are a few things I like about it and a few things that I do not like about it.  I like that it is a great size- very easy to take with me.  I also like that it has a bunch of different settings which make it easy to take pictures.  Another good feature is the short movies it can take.  Finally, I also like how it has a timer.  Total must for me on a camera.  But there are a few things that I do not like.  The settings are really confusing.  It is kind of hard to get the right setting for the picture that you are taking.  Also, a lot of times the pictures come out blurry no matter what setting you put it on.  The screen does not have that good of resolution.  So on the screen they always look a little blurry.  You just have to take your chances and hope that the actual picture is not as blurry as it looks on the screen.  All in all, a pretty decent camera for just capturing the moment.

Gilbert, AZ


We love our Casio Exilim camera!


We love this camera!  It was a recommended to us by my brother who is a professional photographer.  His family uses this camera for their everyday shots and for vacations beause it produces such high quality pictures and video shots and is slim and easy to take with you anywhere you go.  We have found it to be a great camera.  We rarely take our bigger video camera out of it's case anymore because we can take quality video with our slim, little Exilim camera and upload them easily to our computer.  It has great zoom features and the menu is easily navigated.  It is very user friendly.  You can adjust the flash, set a timer and even attach a tripod when you need to (doesn't come with the camera).  It comes with a small memory card and you can buy a larger size but we upload our pictures so often that a really large (8GB) card is only necessary for long trips where we take a lot of video and pictures.  You won't be unhappy with this camera!

Carlsbad, CA


Great camera for the price!!!


We bought this camera for our college age daughter headed to study abroad!  She has found it more than acceptable to travel with and anticipates it to be a great camera for her uses.  Thank you sears for another wonderful product at an exceptional price point.

Cave Creek, AZ


Casio - Exilim EX-Z850 Digital Camera

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