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Casio - Exilim EX-Z80A Digital Camera

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Exilim Works Great!


This camera is great for anyone who has a hard time with technology or just cameras in general.  This is a very easy to use camera.  Its comes in great fun colors.  It has multiple settings on it so you can get just the shot your looking for.  It has 30 Best Shot settings, such as monochrome(for great black and whites), Pets, kids, and sports(for capturing things in motion), White board(so theres no glare while taking a picture of one), Youtube(for recording youtubes best), etc.  This is a great camera for beginners, even has an easy mode.  It's a great value.  Its compact so you can take it anywhere to capture the moments in life that you never want to forget!  It uses a rechargeable battery so you dont have to keep going out to buy batteries for it.  Some people say that there is a lens problem, im not sure, the only problem i have had with it is if there is sand or something in the lens, which is easily fixable.  all around its a great camera to capture those precious moments in life. 

Hudson, MA


Sorry to bear bad news


I see that so many people found the exilim so helpful and easy! I thought it was easy, yes, but helpful, no. I have never had any luck with capturing my living breathing moving son in a good shot on this camera. I do better with the camera on my phone! He is always blurry. I can't stand pictures with flash on (they are all washed out in color and inacurate), but without the flash there is a limited ability to focus well on the object. And if you move your hand? Forget it. I hope other people have better luck, but Casio Exilim cameras are not for me (i have owned two different models by the way). I gave my old one to my dad. He finds it to be great. So with that said- if you are NOT technology savy at all and are new to digital cameras... then this is a fine buy! THey also may have made some great new one that I dont know about... but I hear much better things about the ELF camera from a different brand. I would say if you are into taking good, in focus pictures get the other... if you just want a point adn shoot for a good price, this will work.

Gainesville, FL


Great camera for moms!


I got this great camera from my wonderful friend who had received it from a previous job as part of a grant (she was a teacher and wrote a grant to recieve five of these cameras for her students to use), and I absolutely love it!  It is definitely simple enough that her third grade students could use it and take decent pictures, but it also has enough options/manual settings so that an adult with some photography experience can get more sophisticated photographs.  This camera is durable!  I have actually dropped it once when the lense was open (A HUGE NO-NO!) but the camera self-corrected when I turned it off and back on again.  I have ruined a Kodak camera that same way so I couldn't believe it when it repaired itself!  I have two children under 3 years old and it is s.o. hard to get a good picture of them because they never get still long enough for  a camera to focus but this camera has a special setting for children that automatically follows them and refocuses whenever they move!!  This is definitely the camera for a mom of toddlers-durable and able to take a non-blurring picture of those little speed demons:)

Rocky Mount, NC


Not worth the money


I purchased the Casio EX-Z80 8 megapixel 3x zoom compact digital camera as a gift for my sister a few months back and it stopped working after a month or two. It started getting a lens error and would not come on anymore except in playback mode and to change the time, date language etc... After doing some research I discovered that the is a widely common problem with Casio digital cameras and that it would be exspensive to fix. On the up side when this camera did work it had some really great features like a easy button for recording videos so you don't have to do it manually. It also had some great scene modes like cross and about 28 others. This camera also comes in some nice colors like vivid pink, wich is the one I purchased. Overall this camera cost way to much just to have it stop working shortly after I purchased it. I will probably never buy another casio product again as I have had other items I bought go out and not been able to get them fixed.

Kansas City, MO


Great Compact Camera at Affordable Price


The Casio Exilim EX-Z80A is a great compact digital camera that easily fits into a shirt pocket.  And that is precisely why I bought it, to carry in my shirt pocket to a wedding.  It is a great camera to take with you on the go and takes up about as much space as a cell phone.  It has a resolution of 8.1 mega-pixels and a 3x optial zoom.  While it doesn't take the best photos they are at least decent and comparable to the other brands out on the market.  The user interface is very easy to learn which makes the camera very easy to operate and you can easily change settings on the fly.  One nice feature is that it has a video function and your saved videos can be uploaded directly to Youtube in a snap.  The one drawback is that it lacks any real digital zoom function so you can't really take any far away shots.  Nor does it have a wideangle, for those large family photos.  But all in all it has been a great camera for me and I take a lot more photos now that I have one that is easy to carry around.

Kalamazoo, MI


Casio - Exilim EX-Z80A Digital Camera

3.0 5