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Casio - Exilim EX-S770 Digital Camera

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Nice compact camera with some good options


The best qualities of this camera is its compact style and quick/easy operation.It is compact enough to fit in an average pocket.  The body is also attractive.  The menu is very straightforward and if one is patient, he/she can figure out how to maneuver the basics of the camera.  The LCD screen is bright and is easy to see.  My brother has the Exilim Pro and is quite similar to this camera.  The Exilim Pro is a bit bulkier.Images are decent but are surpassed by the Exilim Pro.  The pictures on the S770 appear a bit grainy compared to pictures taken by the Pro under similar conditions.  Precautions such as pressing halfway were taken and still yielded to the grainy images.  The use of the flash significantly increases the lag between pictures.  I would really love the time to be decreased to that of other cameras.  It really irked me when I would have to wait to take a picture because of the flash.Overall, it is a nice camera from a good company.  I am satisfied with the Exilim line and have had good pictures with it.  I really like the small compact size with the decent pictures. 

Basking Ridge, NJ


not the best


This camera looked very sharp and seemed to have the same qualities as the well rated Z600. Overall, I like the camera but really found the indoor shots to be very poor quality. Here are some other specific findings: Pros 1. Can set things up to memorize your settings 2. soft flash good feature 3. Bright display 4. Outdoor shots are excellent 5. Best shot modes 6. Easy access to exposure compensation 7. Navigation is easy 8. Steel body Cons 1. Indoor shots (e.g. in a restaurant with low lights) turn out very coarse. 2. Slim profile makes it very hard to stabilize the camera. 3. Battery is very hard to take out if you happen to put it in the wrong way. 4. Hand strap is very small. A bigger person cannot operate the camera comfortably with it. Had to use one from an old Nikon camera. 5. camera paint can easily scratch off just by loading it onto the dock. 6. Sound is very soft

Concord, NC


awesome tiny little camera


I LOVE this camera. It's so small and lightweight it's fits right in the pocket of my purse where the cell phone is supposed to go. The screen on the back is very big and sharp. The quality of the pictures is excellent. There is a simple one-touch button to record movies and we use it all the time. The quality of the movies is as good as most digital cameras. The only "con" would be that it's a little fragile. I've dropped it a few times and there's already a crack on the top. But..it's till works so I guess it's resilient. A+ camera!

Millville, MA


No excuse not to have a camera with you


The Casio is a great small digital camera.  Its small size makes it the perfect camera for bringing everywhere - it easily fits in a pocket.  7.2 megapixels and good optics leads to good image quality, with a myriad of exposure and flash options. While the battery lasts quite a while, particularly if you don't use the flash, the need to return the camera to its charging dock periodically means you may want an extra battery to avoid having to bring the charging dock on trips.  Pros - High quality finish - available in silver, blue, or red - Lots of image control options - Very compact - Good battery life - Comes with a charging dock Cons - The small flash, coupled with the small lens, is a challenge for dark lighting situations -  Extra bateries are expensive

Bellevue, NE


Casio - Exilim EX-S770 Digital Camera

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