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Casio - Exilim EX-S600 digital camera

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Still going strong...been over two years now..!


I have been using Casio Exilim S600 for almost 2 years now and am satisfied with this product. Had purchased it new as a convenient compact size point and shoot and it served well. The biggest advantage of this camera is its size. Its so compact, can fit easily in a purse or in shirt's pocket also. Normally, I carry it in a pouch, alongwith the extra battery. Buts its definitely very handy. Im thinking of upgrading to a newer model, but this would remain as the handy to-go camera for all occassions. I have tried prints upto 8X10 size and it comes out fine. Have not tired larger print size, but I think given the resolution, should be fine. Over the last few months, have noticed that while shooting outdoors, the sky color appears as all white, even though its a picture perfect blue colored sky. It appears complete white, unable to distinguish the clouds and the sky. The build in flash, although not very powerful, it useful for fill-ins and indoor shootings. It does give lil grainy picures indoors, but I guess thats a common issue with most of the point and shoot camers while shooting indoors. Overall, a good value for money. Will keep all my options open when upgrading to a newer model... although would be bit inclined more to look at a Casio again.  

Herndon, VA


the exilim EX-S600 becomes a part of your daily life


Here's a digital camera that takes still and movie pictures flawlessly. Its thin size and light weight, goes where you go. A new monitor screen delivers a view of your images that is twice as bright as previous models. The high-quality MPEG-4 movie capabilities of the EX-S600 totally revolutionize the level of movie recording you can expect from your digital camera. A new Movie Stabilizer feature helps to make movie recording easier than ever before. A new Anti Shake Digital Signal Processor provides higher sensitivity. Faster shutter speed prevents image blurring to hand or subject movement. Despite its slim design and large monitor screen, the EX-S600 delivers truly amazing battery life for a compact digital camer.  A single charge provides enough power to record approximately 300 snapshots or up to 110 minutes of continuous movie recording.  The only negative I've ever had with this camera is that you cannot zoom during video mode. You must set the zoom where you want it BEFORE you start the video.

Laredo, TX


Does Everything and More


This camera is by far the easiest I've ever used.  I can slip this into a shirt pocket and I hardly know that it's there.  When I pull it out to use it's so simple to to use and get great results that my 8 year old grand daughter has mastered it's functions.  I take movies with this camera an they turn out great (for a non-movie camera).  I can use this as a voice recorder along with every thing else.  I can take a picture a second when and if I want to. The recycle rate on this little camera is great and the battery life is really great.  Since I got this camera I am the fastest camera in the family.  I can have my camera from pocket to taking quality pictures before any one has a clue I even have a camera.  I love this camera you will too.

Victorville, CA


Casio - Exilim EX-S600 digital camera

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