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Casio - Ex-277 Digital Camera

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Casio Exilim is a great brand and great camera.


This camera is my rock. I was first attracted to it when I saw it on Oprah Winfrey's "Favorite things" show and immediately wanted it. I purchased this camera for a decent price and was amazed at everything I got for it. There are 7.2 Mega pixels and optical zoom of 3x. My particular color is a black metallic but it does come in other colors, including a pretty metallic dark blue. I love this camera for many reasons. Its durable, it takes great pictures and its a camera that just doesnt get old. Granted that cameras with higher mega-pixels are being made, I still love my camera. Its compact with a pretty big screen and continues to look even more modern than some cameras that are coming out now. Some electronics seem to bug out on you now days but this camera has never given me any problems so far. The battery lasts a decent amount of time. You do have to completely take the battery out to charge it in a charger which can get annoying from time to time but it takes a lot to wear the battery down, so its not something you have to do often. All in All, I would recommend this camera to others, definately!

Mansfield, GA


Casio - Ex-277 Digital Camera

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