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Casio - EX-Z9 Digital Camera

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Capture your precious moments on Casio.


My husband is horrible when it comes to picking out gifts for me.  He either picks the wrong size, the wrong color, the wrong look and let's just say the wrong everything.  I decided last Christmas to give him a hint as to what I wanted so I would be happy that year. I told him I wanted a digital camera.  I mostly wanted it because my other camera is not digital and because the cell phone I was taking video on broke. He knew how much I enjoyed recording my kitty cat and posting him on u tube. He went shopping and on Christmas day I opened up a brand new CASIO EXLIM Z9 digital camera! It was the perfect gift. It comes You Tube capture mode ready. It has other great features also. Some include a tripod hole for night scene shots, USB/AV port, memory card slots, a microphone and so much more. I can say that I was very pleased with this camera and I have been using it often. I can't wait to get the right footage for u tube so my cat can be the next u tube star on the Internet! But as I dream of that in the mean time I am going to plan a vacation that I can bring along the camera with me and take the memories back home on my memory card.

Austell, GA


casio EX-Z9 works ok for a cheap camera


I got this camera not to long ago and the camera doesn't take pictures right when you press the button. The reaction time is kinda slow, making capturing every single moment not possible. The pictures on the LCD screen usually look dim and pixled. If your looking for a camera that always captures saturated and brightly colored pictures this one will not do it. The pictures will randomly not stop scrolling by themselves when you go to look through them. That is a huge disadvantage to any camera. Finding a picture on the camera is also a problem when you are trying to find one you took a month ago. If you find it and want to go back to the pictures you have just taken you have to scroll through months of other pictures. Some cameras come with organizers. This one doesn't. It is a cheaper camera. It zooms in and out great. Putting your picture on the computer and editing it is not hard with this camera.

Machesney Park, IL


Not impressed with such a great brand.


After our 3 year old threw away our camera we were in desperate need of getting a new camera to take our family pictures.  We found this Casio Exilim EX-Z9 and were told this is top of the line and was being sponsored by the fabulous Ashton Kuchner, so I thought well this has got to be a great camara - he wouldn't sponsor something that was junk would he?  Well he must have not used his camara enough then because mine is used often and I have never been able to get clear pictures. They have all been either grainy, reddish, blurry. Even when you make adjustments to refresh the picture to make it look clear (or so you think it looks clear) it will always print blurry and off.  This is the worst experience I have ever had with a camara brand and I can't take it back. When we have tried to reset to factory settings as the instructions tell you to do this had to effect on the quality of the picture changing. We even tried changing the lighting setting and it was still a very bad quality of picture. I would not recommend this as a purchase to anyone.

Riverton, UT


Casio - EX-Z9 Digital Camera

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